Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Playing with Daddy's hat.
Miss Grace standing by a small lake near the pagoda.

Sleeping Buddha.

Walkway to pagoda.

Beautiful pagoda.

Today we had a day all to ourselves, no official appointments. William Michael was up very early today. We went for a long walk after breakfast and found this beautiful pagoda, walked around a park that's just across from our hotel and took many pictures. The heat is oppressive and that is how it is in China in the summer. After that we took both kiddos swimming which they loved! I'll tell you some things about Will: he loves watermelon, bread, noodles, broccoli, and meat, he can count to 12!, speaks in 3-4 word sentences, is quite self confident, loves to swim, adores Grace and is now letting me pick him up if he falls down. Grace, Will and I have been playing a lot of 'chase' in the hallway...they chase me and I chase them. :) He's come so far in the 3 days we've been together.

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Story of our Life said...

Yeah!!! I'm sooo happy for you Gail and Dan. :) He looks like such a doll. Yet, full of boy!! I can't wait to meet him...I really can't.

ThatGirl said...

I like watermelon too! He's a doll...

Steffie B. said...

William and Grace look stunning together...I love all of his black hair! By the time you are ready to come home....all will be well! ;)

LOVE the Pagoda picture.....they are my fav! ;0


redmaryjanes said...

I just love seeing your newly expanded family! Will and Grace looks beautiful together. It sounds like everything is working out so well for you guys.
And he is just so handsome!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! It's that simple!! Keep the posts coming. Love hearing about your newly expanded family.

The Morris Family said...

Such a blessing for you to see the progress each day...and it is fantastic that Will is able to communicate so well- this will decrease his frustration and help tremendously with his transition. (Speaking from our experience,we have been home for 4 months, and Maggie is learning to speak English- and says new words (not sentences so much yet) each day-)
What great pictures! I really loved the one the other day of Will- looking rather defiantly into the camera- as only a 2year old can! (yep- we have seen that look a few times ourselves!)...

William said...

Oh my gosh, I love the picture of the pagoda. You sound good. You also sound like things are really clicking along.

Look after yourself mommy.


Kerry said...

Gail- we are loving your posts and pictures. Pictures of Grace with her little brother! Love them.
Sounds like Will is doing fabulous. You are inching closer everyday- exactly what he needs.
hugs and positive thoughts coming your way.

cougchick said...

What a beautiful family. Many blessings to you all.

missy said...


Every afternoon I come back to the condo from the beach and yours is the first blog I come to. I am thankful to follow your journey to William. He is PRECIOUS! I am praying for you all!

Stay cool from the China heat : )

Angie said...

So glad to hear that things are going well...still praying!
I love the pictures. Grace and William are so cute together. I know you are so proud.
Thanks for keeping us updated!

Gail said...

Every post gets better and better!
Love all the pictures.
I still say that Grace and William look alike! "Meant to be Together"
Keep cool, enjoy!

Denise C said...

OH Gail....beautiful pagoda and beautiful forever family memories inthe making! I can just see you playing chase in the hall!!! So sweet!

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