Sunday, July 27, 2008

A beautiful Sunday on Shamian Island

Grace having fun.
Busy boy.

Dan and Grace.

Sharing a fruit snack.

One of many bronze statues on the island.

Stroller parade.

Gail and Gracie.

Colonial architecture.

Quiet Shamian Island.

Today we walked with the kiddos in strollers over to Shamian Island, about a 20 minute walk. The walk was quite interesting as we passed through an authentic Chinese market that was at least 4 blocks long. We saw turtles, fish, lizards, dried and live scorpians, dried seahorses, hundreds of types of different mushrooms, spices, vegetables, small dogs and cats, birds of all types and even some chipmunks. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the market. We made our way across the bridge to Shamian Island. We were there last 5 years ago and it brought back wonderful memories of our trip adopting Grace. I love the colonial architecture, so I took many pictures, we saw the White Swan Hotel and looked at some of the shops there, did shopping in some of the local small stores and had William Michael's chop (stamp) made of his name. William took about an hour nap in the stroller and when he woke up we took all went to the playground to play. There's a Starbucks here now which is new, so of course we had to stop and have some cold drinks and enjoy the air conditioning. We met a family from Kansas with their 22 mo. old son, and another family from Tennesee with their baby girl. I will make an observation in that there seem to be less adoptive families here compared to 5 years ago. The people on the island are so friendly and we get a lot of attention with both of our children together. William has had an amazing day and I constantly have to remind myself that's he's only been with us for exactly 1 week. We are so blessed!

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OH MY #6 said...

Hi Gail,

Glad that William is doing so well. That picture of him running is way too cute.

Are u exhausted or hanging in there well? You look fantastic!

Thinking of you.


PS. Can you ask them where my referral is?!

Steffie B. said...

Oh...these pictures make me want to be back there so badly.....I am so happy things are getting better with each passing day.
Hugs my friend....

NoahandMaddysMom said...

I found your blog from the ladies on the Saturday morning chat. Your family is beautiful and Will seems to be adjusting well. Thanks for sharing your journey with everyone here.
I have a question about the purses Grace has on her wrists..did you purchase them this trip or 5 years ago. They are very pretty and if it is recent purchase I want to be sure to look for something similar when we travel (hoepfully in the next 6months).
The Barkers

Denise C said...

What beautiful pictures, Gail! This island looks so amazing!
I love the happiness I see in all of your faces...God is so good!
What a precious family you all are....and what a blessing it is to see your beautiful Forever Family united!

Love you,

P.s. Miss Grace is such the little lady...I love how she is crossing her little legs in the stroller so daintily! Precious!

Gail said...

1 step at a time. And its working!!
You have some beautiful children.
Love the picture of William walking away. Cute little legs!

Grace looks like she is having a good time! I knew she was going to be a great big sister.

insanemommy said...

Ahhh, what memories. I remember when we were there the streets being so crowded. I'd love to be back!

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