Sunday, April 21, 2013

(Sunday Snapshot) - Are We There Yet?

April Rain-3
Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men.
~ Chinese Proverb

April Rain

I feel like I'm one of my children in the car as we travel to a destination,
and instead of asking "Are we there yet?" I
keep asking to myself, "Is Spring here yet?"

April Rain-4

It seems to take one step forward and 3 steps back.
Many days we've had cold rain, a few days of snow, and not much sun.
Since we've had a month of April showers, we should have
a plethora of flowers in May.

April Rain final -5

We decided to embrace our (slow to arrive) Spring
and have fun in the puddles and rain.
Spring will come, it always does...

April Rain final -4


Ni Hao Yall

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Little Buddy

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Will Spring WM-2

Playing with rocks and sticks has been entertainment for little boys since...well, forever.

Opie and Andy Griffith would skip rocks on a lake to start their TV show.
My husband still enjoys it. 

Will Spring Storyboard

I got a chance to get some time alone with my little man
and he gravitated to throwing rocks into the lake. 
 Not much success with skipping stones yet but he has the throwing part down all right.

Spending time with a happy boy just having fun...our Spring is trying to make an appearance.

Will Spring WM-1

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Majestic blw
"Magestic" - having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.

Majestic color

Yes...I would say that definition fits Grace quite well.
Some other words to describe her would be fun, kind, bright, creative and
All great traits for a 10 year old.

Majestic Storyboard

Sunday afternoon miss Grace accompanied
me on a photowalk in Madison's Capital Square area.
We did a little window shopping and found a cute kitchen store that had a friendly pup
who greeted us when we stepped inside to browse.
After that we stopped at the old Majestic Theater for
a few photos.
She asked that we stopped at Starbucks for a chai tea before we left for home.
I love this one on one time with my daughter.

Majestic blw 2

Grace's beautiful vintage style wide lace turban headband is
by Love Crush Bowtique

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter snapshots

Easter 7 blog
{Our Easter}
Will Easter Triptych
It was a quiet one and included an indoor Easter egg hunt, going to a beautiful church service, brunch at a wonderful restaurant called Quivey's Grove and spending the day with my parents, our 'bigs' Nick and Lindsay and of course our 'littles.'
The sun was shining in the morning and I was able to get the two of them outside for a few Easter pics that have become our little tradition.
 You can see from the above 3 photos that Will thoroughly enjoyed his new hat.
He was one dapper guy in his argyle vest!
Easter Storyboard
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