Wednesday, February 26, 2014

837 - my last post

"The journey is the reward." ~ Chinese Proverb
This is my 837th blog post, and the last one.
It was August 2007 that I wrote my first post on 'Aging with Grace and strong Will.'
I certainly found my voice
about adoption, attachment, my children, and then visually through photography.
I've met some incredible friends through this blog, many of them lifelong ones and Will's entire adoption trip in 2008 was documented here too. So this blog is precious to me
and I will be getting it printed into book form.
Blogging has changed a lot since those former days and I will still be posting
but now it'll be here at my brand new blog, A Mother's Art Photography.
Photography is a lifelong journey for me
and I will continue to write about our life, my children and some of my favorite photography sessions. I will also write about what inspires me to capture some of  photos that I do
and even how I shoot them.
I hope you'll follow me on this journey.
And just because I had to post some sort of photo, the above is some of our February,
Instagram style.
1. Mr. Will drawing Wolverine (his current fave Super Hero). 2. Colorful Ranunculus flowers. 3. A serious Will waiting at the doctor's office for a pre-op physical. 4. Cool brick wall and arched windows in an antique store that I was browsing. 5. Grace and her friend Izzy dressed in costumes at their 5th grade musical. 6. Grace up on stage, she was a Thai Lantern Girl in the production. 7. Photos for Will's Star of the Week timeline, he helped me chose photos for it. 8. Will right before he left for the OR for an oral surgery he had last week. 9. A pensive Will looking out the window.
Will is fully recovered and did great.
He has a palate surgery coming up in the next 1-2 years.
I am on Instagram, here if you'd like to follow me and see what we're up to.
Thank you for the last 6 plus years.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Little Reprieve from our Cabin Fever (7/52 - 52 Project)

On one of our very rare above zero days we decided to
venture out to frozen Lake Mendota.
The sun was shining and Grace and William quickly
grabbed icicles and had a little pretend swordfight.
I got to thinking that writing their names or drawing in the snow is
similar to what they do at the beach in the sand.
Only instead of wearing snow gear they have their
swimsuits on.
If you didn't know the lake was completely frozen over
you might think it was a gigantic field of snow.
Until you see the fishing shacks, piers pulled out of the water
and boats in dry dock.
It was fun to take a walk out on that big lake
and get out of the house for an hour.
Winters in the northern Midwest are cold and long but March is just around the corner.
And we are thankful for that.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Sunset (Sunday Snapshot & 6/52 - Project 52)

I feel like we've been hibernating lately.
We stay indoors almost all the time.
It's just way too cold to go outside
and definitely too cold to be outside taking photos.
Taken a few evenings ago of Grace in the amazing light as the sun was setting
behind the trees
showing these purple and golden hues.
We stayed outside for exactly 5 minutes.
I do notice the daylight is lasting longer.
Hey, Spring arrives in 38 days!
135mm lens - 3.2
ISO 800

Ni Hao Yall
© Aging with Grace and strong Will
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