Friday, March 22, 2013

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever
{Yesterday afternoon after homework, I come around the corner and this is what I find.}
Someone's been a little bit restless lately and trying to find other things to do indoors
 besides playing with legos, toys or his DS. 

Cabin Fever-3

Zoe doesn't like to be left out and decided she could get in the photo of Will. ;)
She saw Will sitting there, stepped over him and stayed for a little while.
I think she was posing.

Cabin Fever Diptych

Back to our case of 'cabin fever,'
Will's cure for it is doing headstands, headstands going into handstands
roundoffs and cartwheels and roundoffs with back handsprings.

Cabin Fever-4

Spring Break is coming soon, we're hanging around locally but will find some fun things to do!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Some March daily pics

Daily Photos

Winter does not seem to want to leave.
As a result I haven't liked taking many photos in the snow...
we are more than over it.
Come on Spring!

Hat - 3-7
Starting at the top left: 1. low angle (Dan and Grace playing chess).
2. water (Droplets in a line on our Japanese Maple). 3. Friend (Will and his friend
playing crimefighters). 4. Shadows (Jack kitty looking handsome).
5. Selfie of me with my iphone.
and 6. hat (Grace wearing one of her favorite hats).

Sunday, March 10, 2013

rubberband boy

Will Gymnastics 2
My little gymnast.
This is his second year with gymnastics.
He loves his new coach and he's
learning all the apparatus.

Rubberband Boy

We just found out that Will's friends in his class
call him 'rubberband boy,'
because of his flexibility.
Will likes his nickname very much.
And he likes being the best in his class.
He's about ready to move up to Level 4.

We're very proud of Will and all that he's accomplished!


Will Gymnastics 3
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