Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's all about Apples (Sunday Snapshot)

Apple Picking-11
When the bold branches
Bid farewell to rainbow leaves
Welcome wool sweaters.
~ B. Cybrill
Apple Picking-2-2
Fall has finally arrived in our neck of the woods.
Why do I love Fall so much?
 Maybe because for us Midwesterners it's 'just right' as in not too cold,
not too hot and humid, and not too rainy.
  Cool nights and bright blue skies have arrived.
So to celebrate Fall's arrival we made a little trip to a local farm that offers apple picking.
This is a new place for us this year.
The one we used to frequent had gotten crazy busy and
we were pleasantly surprised by the Appleberry Farm.
Apple Picking Storyboard 2013
Now, what do I do with all these apples?
No worries, our two apple picking helpers have plenty of yummy ideas!
 I need to get busy. :)

Apple Picking-3-2


Ni Hao Yall

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celebrating Her Special day(Sunday Snapshot)

Bday Party-16
Grace turned 11 in early August.
 That month for us was a crazy busy one with our vacation,
a trip into Chicago, me making a brief trip to Florida to see a friend
 and getting ready for school so
we elected to have her party last weekend.

We had it at a 'Kid Spa' in Madison
where the girls were pampered with manicures,
a glittery faux tattoo, and their choice of a little bit of
makeup to wear.
Bday Party Collage
Oh and their choice of flavor of ice cream.
You can tell by the big smiles all around that they all had a GREAT time!
I love every single one of Grace's sweet friends
and we cherish their friendships.
 At an age where Grace still loves to play with her American Girl dolls
but would like to start wearing a little makeup,
she is definitely a tween.
And I'm taking in every moment of this time in her life.

Bday Party


Ni Hao Yall

Friday, September 13, 2013

School Days

School Days_

School started last week here in Wisconsin.
Mr. Will is now in 2nd grade and Grace is at a new school (Intermediate) for 5th grade.
Will was happy to be back and loves his teacher.
School Days Storyboard

After two weeks, we've settled into the routine of homework and after school activities
pretty well.
And Grace has her first 'official' locker ever,
which she's decorated quite nicely.
She's done great with this transition to a different school, all new teachers
and principal.
We couldn't be more proud of her!

School Days_-2
(Walking home after getting off the bus, the first day of school).
I'm way behind on blogging but hope to get caught up next week.
© Aging with Grace and strong Will
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