Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celebrating Her Special day(Sunday Snapshot)

Bday Party-16
Grace turned 11 in early August.
 That month for us was a crazy busy one with our vacation,
a trip into Chicago, me making a brief trip to Florida to see a friend
 and getting ready for school so
we elected to have her party last weekend.

We had it at a 'Kid Spa' in Madison
where the girls were pampered with manicures,
a glittery faux tattoo, and their choice of a little bit of
makeup to wear.
Bday Party Collage
Oh and their choice of flavor of ice cream.
You can tell by the big smiles all around that they all had a GREAT time!
I love every single one of Grace's sweet friends
and we cherish their friendships.
 At an age where Grace still loves to play with her American Girl dolls
but would like to start wearing a little makeup,
she is definitely a tween.
And I'm taking in every moment of this time in her life.

Bday Party


Ni Hao Yall

6 kind words:

3 Peanuts said...

Grace looks very happy. It sounds like she had a great birthday!!!

Love Letters To China said...

What a fun way to celebrate turning 11!! So wish we were there once again to celebrate. Nat would have loved joining in.

My favorite shot is of Grace with her two friends "posing" with the tiaras on their heads. So glamorous!!! ;-)


p.s. The tween years are in full swing down here. Big breathe in... big breathe out...

p.s.s. Grace and Liam have the same shape feet! :-o

Heidi Reitz said...

Once again, super cute pictures! The last one is my favorite. You can see a little bit of each girl's personality.

Jboo said...

What fun - looks like a great party! Love her blue lipstick! I think I want a spa party for me! :)

Eva said...

Your August sure sounded busy! I don't blame you for celebrating Grace's birthday a little later. And it sure looks like everyone had a fabulous time. What a great place to have a party!!!!! I know a little 5 year old that would love something like that. lol Grace is a beautiful girl and so blessed to have wonderful friends to celebrate her!

likeschocolate said...

Must have been a little bit bittersweet as she is starting to morph out of little girls stage. I look at my 14 year old and there is no sign of that little boy any more. His lip is covered with a fuzzy caterpillar of hair that will most likely need shaving in the next couple months. What a great idea for a party. Love the hot pink robes. I bet the girls had a blast.

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