Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Majestic blw
"Magestic" - having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.

Majestic color

Yes...I would say that definition fits Grace quite well.
Some other words to describe her would be fun, kind, bright, creative and
All great traits for a 10 year old.

Majestic Storyboard

Sunday afternoon miss Grace accompanied
me on a photowalk in Madison's Capital Square area.
We did a little window shopping and found a cute kitchen store that had a friendly pup
who greeted us when we stepped inside to browse.
After that we stopped at the old Majestic Theater for
a few photos.
She asked that we stopped at Starbucks for a chai tea before we left for home.
I love this one on one time with my daughter.

Majestic blw 2

Grace's beautiful vintage style wide lace turban headband is
by Love Crush Bowtique

9 kind words:

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

majestic + + + + !


Jboo said...

Definitely majestic -- so lovely!!

Love Letters To China said...

These are beautiful Gail. Majestic is a perfect word to describe your girl. What a fun day you must have together. I really need to make time to do things like that with my little one. I'm sure she would love to do something like that with me.


likeschocolate said...

She really is stunning! I always get a sense from the photos that she is wise beyond her years . Is thus true about her?

Ellie said...

Yes. Majestic!!! Your Grace truly is majestic.....- she looks so regal!!! ( and you are making me miss Madison!!

xo ellie

Courtney said...

What a special day. You got some beautiful pictures of a beautiful young lady.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

What a beautiful time out together. I have to say- not only do I just love gazing at her striking features- she's captivating, but that girl at 10 has more fashion sense than I could ever have in all my years. She always looks amazing- great job mama.

Hope all is well my friend- thinkin' of you!

Nancy said...

No way that girl is 10. None. She's 27. Trust me.

Hannah said...

Majestic. That might be the perfect word to describe Grace. There is something so timeless and elegant about her.

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