Monday, July 28, 2008


Here are some pics of the Qing Ping market that we walk through everytime we go to Shamian Island. Grace has been quite interested in the small animals, turtles and fish. William Michael loves the fish. Today William had his medical exam on Shamian Island and his visa picture taken. He was not happy being examined by the physician. He weighs 13 kg or about 26 lbs. His cleft palate and lip repair were looked at but there was no comment made by the physician. He is a very healthy boy. Later in the afternoon we went to the jade and pearl market and shopped for pearls. The last time we were here we bought some jade items, this time we bought pearls for some gifts, for Grace(when she's older) and for me. The pearls here are amazing and there are so many to choose from. You pick what pearls you'd like and they hand string them very quickly right before your eyes! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, finish up some shopping on Shamian Island and go out to dinner with another family that is here with our agency. They've adopted a 4 yr. old little boy with a repaired cleft lip and palate. He's doing quite well. 3 more sleeps until we leave for home! Our trip has gone very fast and we've enjoyed it so much.

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verna said...

How neat. We missed that. Oh well, Mya and Noah will need something to see when we take them back. You gotta know I want those kitties. Please don't tell me they are someone's lunch ;) You know, it would be fun to do a homeland tour with a bunch of us from blogland. 3 more sleeps?? Weren't you just saying that about going over and now it's time to come back!

Liam said...

I love this. Are the pearls pricey? I don't know a lot about pearls but would love to before our trip. You can be my pearl adviser. OK?



Steffie B. said...

I am loving this journey.....I am so happy things are going well. ;)

Kerry said...

It has been going fast! My family has been living through yours and following your posts. We miss China so much. Love the shots of the Market. All our best and wishes for a wonderful remainder of the trip.

missy said...


It is so hard to believe that you all only have "3 more sleeps"! I could swear it was just yesterday you guys left.

I am glad that William is so healthy and doing well. Safe travels!

Denise C said...

My my...only 3 more sleeps! This journey surely has passed quickly!!! IT has been such a blessing to "travel" along with you all! Sweet little William is such a precious little boy!!!
Enjoy your last few days!!!

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