Sunday, July 20, 2008


our son, William Michael Yousheng.
Well, it was a bit rough at the start with many tears on William's part when we first met him. When we walked in the conference room the little guy was already lying on the floor crying very hard. With the help of a small Lightning McQueen car I had with me and some M & M's the tears stopped. William bonded with Dan right away, which I wasn't surprised about. After only 3 hours with him we are seeing his personality already immerge, he's all boy, he's very polite...says 'please' and 'thank you.' He calls us Mommy and Daddy and is quite facinated with Grace. I'm so proud of Grace, all the attention has been on William and she's been patient and so sweet to her little brother. I would have more pictures but we've been pretty busy. All I can say is thank you for your prayers, I feel them at work. We are so grateful that he's part of our family now.

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OH MY #6 said...

Oh my, I am sitting here crying! Oh Gail, I am just so happy for you! I can't do the happy dance right now but once I stop weeping I will!!!!

Congrats! He is just beautiful along with that Grace!

Love you lots friend.

Take care.


Ashley said...

Gail, I am overjoyed for all of you. William looks wonderful. You must be very proud of Grace. You are in my thoughts and prayers. woohoo, you have your son!!!!!
love, Ashley

verna said...

So Exciting!! Grace looks so happy to have her new brother. CONGRATULATIONS!! Hot in MN yesterday and big storms norht of MPLS. Cooler this morning but steamy. Just want you to know the weather is similar to China ;)

Steffie B. said...

Oh my word I have sobbing.....I am just so very, very happy for all of you. Oh sweet have your forever family....

missy said...

YAY!!! I am so excited for you all. Gail, he is such a beautiful little man...and already so well mannered : )

Give Grace big hugs from me and tell her how proud of her your blogger buddy Missy is.

Have a great time in China!

Kim & Jeff said...

I'm sooooo happy for you all...

Little Will looks at home in daddy's arms and Little Grace what a big sister she is being :)

Safe travels during the rest of your time in China.


redmaryjanes said...

He is just absolutely darling!

Brandi said...


Yours was the first blog I checked this morning. I just knew there would be pics of little William!

You must be so very proud of Grace. I knew she would be a wonderful big sister.

Welcome to your forever family, Will!

Jennifer said...

This was the first site I wanted to check on when I had a chance.
Everyone looks great.

Denise C said...

OH Gail....PRECIOUS comes to mind instantly! HE is so precious! And your Forever Family is just beautiful! Miss Grace is such a doll with him....I love the picture of her blowing bubbles for him! What a great big sissy she is!
He is so darling! You are very smart to have bubbles, suckers, lighting McQueen car....and all the goodies ready to pull out for him! He looks so content in these pictures...what a sweet blessing he is!!!
Sending tons of love and prayers your way, my friend!!!
I'll checking in for more pictures quite frequently!!!

ThatGirl said...

Ohhhhh! Bring him to California to play with Bennett. I'm in love.

Congrats & enjoy...

Kathleen Coyle Jursa said...

Congratulations, what a beautiful family! Love and prayers for all of you, Kathleen and family

Truly Blessed said...

Gail, he's just beautiful (or should I say "handsome"?). Congratulations, you all look so happy!

Christine said...

Yea! So happy for you all. I am glad Gace is being such a grown up little girl about it all. Praying for the rest of your trip.

The Morris Family said...

So happy for you all! Keeping you in prayer as you continue your, as a family of five!

Psalm 126:2


Kerry said...

Oh my goodness. Look at them together. Gail we are so very happy for your family. William is so cute. Thank goodness for M&Ms- good thinking Mama!

Hugs and we are praying for you.

Story of our Life said...

(((HUGS))) I'm so excited for you. Today has been a day of tears in my home (for me) and yet as I read your post, looked at Grace, Dan and William happy tears filled my heart this afternoon.

I'm soooo happy for you. Oh How I can't wait to meet him. I realized this afternoon that by the time you get home - I will be starting my new job (assuming I take it..hehehe) and I will not get to see you at Kitt... We will have to get together some other time.

((((HUGS))) to your entire family.

Gail said...

Tears, tears and more happy tears.
William is just precious!
He seems to be doing well from the pictures!
I can tell Grace is one awesome sister.
My prayers continue for a smooth transition.
God Bless you and your beautiful family.

Paula said...

Congratulations gail. William is a cute little guy. Smart thinking on bringing the little car. I'm so happy for you!

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