Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Guangzhou now...

Coming into Guangzhou.
View outside our hotel room, looking toward Shamian Island and the Pearl River.

Such a handsome little boy.

William sucks his finger when he's tired.

Happy boy with his 'blankie.'

Sorry no post for yesterday, it was a very long day with traveling. William did well with the flight here from Fuzhou, we managed to keep him occupied for the almost 2 hours. He did have a big tantrum before getting on the plane but we got through it. He doesn't transition well which is to be expected...he's only 2 and he's been through so many changes in this week. He really is a happy boy, very busy and VERY active. Grace keeps up with him just fine. :) These are some pics of yesterday coming into Guangzhou and in our room last night. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Shifu (a gorgeous hotel), which is a little north of Shamian Island. Oh I will add that in the van on the way from the Guangzhou airport to our hotel, William sat on my lap, faced me and played with my mouth and nose. We made faces at each other and he even gave me a spontaneous kiss on the mouth! I had tears in my eyes after that one. He sat with me for about 30 minutes and we looked at all the cars and trucks passing us by. He loves cars. Slow and steady he is coming to me. Today we visit Shamian Island for some shopping!

6 kind words:

Steffie B. said...

He is just like Daniel with the finger and blankie.....sending you good wishes for the last part of your stay sweet friend.....

Kerry said...

Oh Gail! That kiss must of ranked up there with the best moments of your life.

we are thinking of you and sending you our very best. Your little boy is darling and I am sure that big sister is keeping up wonderfully.


OH MY #6 said...

I am with you in thought and prayer every step of the way.


Mark and Terri said...

What a cutie! Enjoy every minute of China.

Denise C said...

What a wonderful little gift he gave to you in that kiss! HE knows you love him...he can feel it!
Such sweet days!
Keeping all of you in our prayers every day!
Tell sweet Grace that she is the most beautiful & precious big sissy!
Her smile is so sweet, Gail!
Love & Prayers,

suzanne said...

How amazing we are staying at the same hotel as well! We arrive on the 2nd and am so sorry to have missed you.

William looks like he is fitting into your family so well.

I am truly happy for you all


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