Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Much progress

Brother and sister!
1000 year old Banyan tree.

Many fish.

Feeding those fish.

Grace and Echo our social worker, on a ride at the Bird Park. Grace adores her and so do we!

(It's Tuesday here)
First of all thank you for the comments, emails, thoughts and prayers for our family. We've had a good day. Some testing with Dan but that's to be expected. This AM we were in the lobby of the hotel waiting for the van to arrive because we were going to do some local sightseeing. William looked right at me(Dan was holding him), put his arms out and asked for me to hold him...I can't even describe what it felt like to hold him for the first time! He was so sweet and relaxed. When the van arrived he let me sit next to him for 45 minutes-I gave him some little crackers to eat and he seemed quite content. We arrived at the Fuzhou Botanical Gardens, saw a 1000 year old Banyan tree, fed many fish(Grace and William loved this!), and went to a Bird Park and saw all kinds of tropical birds. Many local people came up very close to us. I felt like a celebrity because 4 different families asked to take my picture with their children, our social worker told us they don't see many Western people in that part of Fuzhou. It was very sweet and the people so kind. William let me sit next to him on the return back to the hotel. Later after lunch and back in our rooms, he initiated 'hide and seek' with me over and over, probably 5 times. he let me tickle him(he is very ticklish), and engaging me more and more, making eye contact and playing when I ask him to. He's flirting with me. It's what I've been praying for and it's still on his terms and will be for a long time. I'm proud of our brave little boy, we've only had him for about 48 hours. I know I keep thanking everyone for your prayers and I can't say that enough, we so feel them at work.
And Miss Grace has been a shining star and amazing big sister!

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suzanne said...

Hi Gail I am following your daily adventures. I am so happy for you and what a beautiful family you have. I am learning a lot from you about the transition stage to help us next week!

You are a great role model!

Denise C said...

Oh Gail! What wonderful news! I can only imagine the feeling of having your precious boy in your loving arms for the first time! What a precious day you had!!!
The pictures are fabulous...and I am so thankful you are feeling the prayers....because they certainly are going "up" for all of you!!!
Looking forward to your next post!
By the way....Can I have your autograph??? hee-hee! You famous westerner you!!! *wink*!
Love you sweet friend!!!

Brandi said...

I am so happy William is starting to include you more and ask for you. I can only imagine how you've felt the last couple days...and the feeling you have now that he's warming up to you.

Thanks so much for taking the time to include us in your journey. Can't wait till the next update!

You all look so great together!

Steffie B. said...

Oh Gail....I am so thrilled for you....things will be fine....keep the faith....he is so adorable....I'm praying that he feels your love and opens up a little more each day.....and big hugs to Grace....what an awesome sister she is! ;)

ThatGirl said...

woo hoo! sooner than I thought! By the time you get to Guangzhou this will be resolved for sure.


William said...

fantastic. thinking of you lots and lots and lots and lots!


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Such awesome developments today. I love the pic of Grace and William in the strollers. He looks enamored with his big sis.

Soon it will seem that your "Dynamic Duo" has been together forever.

Also a lucky mama to a daughter and a son from China :)

Gail said...

I am so happy to read this post.
I couldn't help but tear up when I read you finally held him in your arms.
William is doing so well! In such a short time he is embracing his Forever Family.
My prayers continue for a smooth transition once back home.

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