Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Our fireplace with stockings already hung.

Stockings handmade by my mother who is a gifted knitter and needle worker. These have a Scandinavian look which I love because I'm half Swedish.
Armoire in our family room.
{Photo collage of different parts of my home that are in the festive spirit of the season.}
Christmas is my favorite holiday and time of the year. As I write this post, it's looking even more like Christmas in southern Wisconsin as we're getting 5 inches of snow and it's our second snow in a week. If you know me well, I love to decorate my house and change it up every year. Not that I buy a lot of new things, I move stuff around and use old and new as my taste is quite eclectic. Our house doesn't have a certain style and has many antiques(family pieces and things we just love), contemporary and Asian name's here if I love it and 'it looks right' to me. Christmas is all about family and home. I have wonderful memories of Christmas' past growing up in the Midwest. My mother always made it special for us and I hope I'm doing the same for my children too. This is William's first Christmas with us and I'm not sure what he's thinking about it all. He loves the lights I do know that and when we hung the big wreath over the fireplace, he actually said outloud, "Wow, Mommy!" And as I'm in the Christmas spirit, it will be carried on this week when I travel to meet my good friend Lea(Ohmy6) who is from Toronto, in Chicago on Wednesday! We are meeting for the first time in person and I can't wait! I truly hope she loves my favorite city as much as I do. We will shop, eat lunch, take in the beautiful sights and I'm sure talk and laugh a lot! Enjoy this time of the year.

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The house looks BEAUTIFUL!!

You will have so much fun in Chicago with Lea....can't wait to see the pics of your trip!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the Christmas decor... It is soooo Beautiful..
I need to find a stocking that fits our family that is all alike..The kids have the ones they have had forever.. But they said they wanted matching ones...
You and Lea will have sooo much fun...Can't wait to hear of all the great things you do..
Have a Great Week..

Jill said...

Your house looks wonderful and festive! So warm feeling! I love it!

OH MY #6 said...

Oh my word, it is all so beautiful! I love seeing Christmas decor.

Your mom, is so talented! Those stockings are so special.

Today, when we where out for lunch for Leanne's birthday my ex give me my stocked that was mine when I was little. It has my name embroidered into it. When I am back I will take a picture and show you. It is old!

I can't wait for you to show this city off for me.


OH MY #6 said...

PS. I want the JOY banner. I have one like it for Halloween! It says BOO on it. I am curious where did you get it? It is so much like my BOO banner.


Steffie B. said...

Have a wonderful time....I'm so jealous....and you home looks beautiful! ;)

Christine said...

I love all your decor! You can come fix up my house as well including the handmade stockings (My husband is Swedish as well). Have fun in the windy city with your friend - I love it there too!

Gail said...

Your home is beautiful!
The stockings are gorgeous!
What a keepsake!

I wish I had your Christmas spirit.
I decorate for my girls, but I must admit I don't have that spark.

Have fun in Chicago!
That is one city I hope to see someday.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I love all of the decorations. Your house sure looks homey!

Have fun with your friend!

The Morris Family said...

Your home looks so festive and warm, Gail- those stockings are wonderful!...enjoy your time in the Windy City!

Laura L. said...

Lovely Christmas decorations!

I'm behind on reading blogs. I'm here, catching up. Love all of your recent posts! The one your husband wrote is great.

Have a wonderful time in Chicago with Lea! We'll need photos and a report. :)

Ashley said...

Gail, your home looks beautiful and festive! I love the handmade stockings. Have a great time in Chicago with your friend...I'm jealous!
love, Ashley

Shawnstribe said...

oh it all looks so beautiful!!!
i love this time of year too :)

amy said...

what fun pics, just beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely decor! Lea? How fun that will be. She keeps such a cute blog, I know you will have a great time together!

ThatGirl said...

Beautiful and inspiring, I will be mimicking you very soon. Links back for credit, of course...

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