Thursday, November 13, 2008

Choosing a change

I've written before about how blessed I am to be married to my husband. Dan is a gentleman, a scholar, my partner for 19 years, truly the kindest person I've ever met and he recently made a choice that would affect our family. Dan worked for a very large international pharmaceutical company. He's worked for this company for 5 years. Less than 2 months ago his new boss decided that Dan should be gone for 2 full weeks a month at the company's U.S. home office(which is 2 states away). He also would have to travel an additional 25-40%. Dan said, "no thanks." He resigned from his position 2 weeks ago. He'll take a couple months off and start a new job in January. I cannot imagine what it would have done to William and Grace with Dan being gone pretty much all the time except for weekends. Most people would be pretty afraid right now to quit their job with the economy the way it is and the holidays coming up, and he did the right thing...he chose our family. And that's what is important. William is loving that he's home full time. And so am I!

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Good for Dan!! I cannot imagine having to live out of suitcase and be away from your family Monday-Friday! He made the right choice....and I am sure he will have no problem finding a job when he is ready! It should be a wonderful holiday for you and your wonderful that you will all get this extra time together!!


redmaryjanes said...

What a wonderful husband and father. You are a lucky woman.

Missy said...

What a blessed lady you are to have such a family man in Dan! Just from your posts and pictures, he seems to be such a gentle soul.

I have "Dan, Dan, the family man" running through my head now : ) Can you tell I teach first grade?

You are so blessed!

The Morris Family said...

What a great picture...what a great dad and husband- you are blessed, Gail!

OH MY #6 said...

U R A, lucky, lucky, woman and he is a lucky, lucky, man! Great post and beautiful picture!

Dan sounds just awesome. But, I am not surprised. I am sure you make a great team!

You are an awesome friend to me and I am a lucky girl to have crossed paths with you.


Story of our Life said...

How lucky he is to have such a beautiful family...and know it!!

Many years ago my mom 'choose' her family over the job she had as a psych nurse. Many scolded her saying she was just as nuts as her patients. In reality...she stood up for her beliefs. I will never forget that.

I'm so happy for you/your family and for the faith that it has taken.

Go Dan!!


Laura L. said...

What a wonderful photo! That one oughta be framed. :)
I'm so happy for your family. Sounds like you have it all together. I am so happy that your priorities are in order. Not everyone chooses family first.
So I cheer for you guys! Wishing you the best.

Kerry said...

So wonderful that Dan was able to stand up and make this choice for your family. Enjoy these weeks together. A gift to have him home. The kids will remember this time always.

Brave wise choice.

Hugs and enjoy your weekend with your sweet hubby!

Angie said...

Great choice, Dan! God will bless your decision to put your family first! Have fun over the next couple of months being home fulltime...Will is going to be thrilled with all of his daddy time, I'm sure!

Christine said...

What a good man. We tried the travel thing for a while with Erik and it stunk for us all until he finally quit his job as well. Glad you didn't even attempt it.

Mark and Terri said...

Great photo. Good for your hubby. Sounds like a great choice.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

What a wonderful man your hubby is. He is a smart one also to make such a good choice. You are a blessed family.

Shawnstribe said...

You are so right....treasure each other and these amazing memories that you are creating right now!!!
Hard choices bring the most reward

Ashley said...

The photo you posted says a lot. Dan sounds like someone who knows what is truly important in life. The two of you make a great team, and the love you share surrounds your special family. I wish him the best of luck in his new "close to home" job!

ThatGirl said...

I'm impressed that he already has a new job to go to, obviously he made the right choice! Enjoy his time off, how fun. I wish I could have the hubby with us more often!

suzanne said...

It must have been a difficult decision, but a wise choice was made:nmin Emjoy your time together and keeping everything crossed he finds another job when he goes job hunting.
Hugs the Wongs

Steffie B. said...

Lucky Wife and Lucky Children! ;)

Gail said...

You are blessed.

I Love the picture. It says it all.

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