Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some really good news!

Well, dossiers logged in for the month of Oct. 2006 are officially "out" of the review room...that means that us Nov. 06 folks are now in!!!! Our dossier is being looked at carefully by CCAA. I'm so happy, and I'm looking at it as an early Christmas present. Now to get out of review and then more waiting. Presently there are about 11 months worth of dossiers ahead of us waiting to be matched. Hoping and praying for a speed up in referrals in 2008, and certainly even more so after the Olympics! :)

4 kind words:

Mark & Terri said...

Definitely a nice early Christmas present for all of us Nov. 2006 LIDers. Moving out will be a great post-New Years present.

Mob said...

Yea, you're getting closer- you've gotta love that :)

Ashley said...

It has been very exciting to find out that we are in review. I am already anxiuos to be OUT!! I'm with you, hoping and praying for that speed up!

Angie said...

This was such exciting news to wake up to this morning! It is so neat to me to think that someone at the CCAA could actually be looking at all of my paperwork right now! Hopefully, we will all pass with flying colors!
Here's to a speed up and for the Olympics to be OVER!

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