Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My favorite ornaments

Possibly my very favorite ornament is this Santa on a rocket. This is a very typical 1960's era Christmas ornament, and I remember it on my family's tree for many years (my sister has one too), until my Mom gave it to me. I'd be very upset if he got broken.

This one is another favorite, we got it in China in 2003 when we adopted Grace. It's a cloisonne baby shoe.

Well I have to admit, this wasn't exactly an original idea for a post. I copied it from RMJ. She inspired me to talk about some of my favorite ornaments on our tree. We have ornaments given to me by my Mom that were mine as a little girl, one's that I made as a child, one's Nick made growing up and all kinds of other ones. One in particular is rather unusual. It's what I call the "pretzel ornament," but should be called the "petrified pretzel ornament." Nick made it in 1994 when he was in 4th grade. There's a photo of him in the center and his teacher had the kids glue pretzels around the photo kinda in a frame. Then they put colored glitter on top. Last Christmas I asked Dan how much money would it take if he took a bite out of one of those 13 year old pretzels? He told me there was no amount of money in the world to eat one of those rock hard nasty pretzels. I told him, "come on they can't be that bad...they probably taste like cardboard (whatever cardboard tastes like) or something." He still wouldn't try one. Something about that ornament I just love. :)

4 kind words:

Mob said...

I love all three of those ornaments. I've never seen a santa on a rocket, really cool. The little shoe from China is precious. I can see why those are your favorites.

Ashley said...

What a great post! I always enjoy trimming the tree, because our ornaments represent a special person, place or thing. Each year, it is a fun walk dowm memorey lane.
And each year, we had some new ones. The home-made ones are extra special!

I must say, that Santa on the rocket is fabulous!

Ashley said...

I'll post again to say the baby shoe ornament is beautiful, and I apologize for all the typos in my above comment!

Angie said...

What precious ornaments! They are each so beautiful and special. I love the homemade ones too...especially the ones with pictures of my boys!

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