Monday, December 3, 2007

Graceful Gail

It snowed about 7 inches this weekend with a topper of sleet that later froze again on the snow. Dan shoveled the driveway and sidewalks. This AM I took Grace to preschool, then came home to walk our black lab Molly (big Molly weighs about 90 lbs.) Of course it's 16 degrees outside. Molly and I took one step out on the driveway and I wipe out majorly on what I thought was a patch of snow (obviously it was ice) was one of those falls where your legs fly out from under you. The first thing I do is look around to see if anyone saw me. Thankfully no. I'm a little sore, probably more embarassed than hurt. Can't imagine what Molly thought when she saw me laying on the driveway. I'm not known much for being graceful. And now it's supposed to snow 4 more inches tomorrow night and we're supposed to get a lot more snow next week. I'm so NOT ready for winter. Sometimes I wonder why we live in the Midwest? :) Gail

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Story of our Life said...

Sounds like me getting out of my bus this evening. My first and ONLY thought was "who the heck was watching me...." I said "Sergio...did you see that?" He replied no...thankfully.

I hope you are not to sore tmw!!! I have an idea for you...I'll email you.

As for moving out of hte Midwest - We moved to Las Vegas 6 yrs ago last month. Why did we move back? Don't ask me for the next few months because my brain has forgotten.

Take Care of yourself!!!

Angie said...

OH Gail! I hate to hear that you fell and hope that you aren't too sore today.
We would love to have you down here in Georgia. You would never have to worry about falling on ice here!

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