Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Finds

Welcome to 'Friday's Finds!'
First started by my friend Colleen as a way to share something new that you love,
I wanted to join in this week.
I have two I wanted to feature...first Kimberley's Sophia Jane Boutique.

Kimberley makes all the bows herself and usually has a monthly theme.
What I love is that she'll customize the bow to any size you might like...Grace loves the larger sized bows
( we usually order around 4 inches)
. We bought several Christmas bows and I found quite a few that coordinated perfectly with her clothing.

What caught my eye a few days ago is her Chinese New Year bows....please go check them out.
I've never seen any like these anywhere.
I love the simple, classic style with the frog button.
I've already placed my order for a red one with a black frog to match Grace's Chinese New Year dress!
Kimberley has all kinds of ribbon and creative designs for bows and I know you'll be very pleased if you order from her. And she has many more beautiful bows on her site including a collection of Valentine's Day bows too.

Coming from a very creative family, I have a real love and true appreciation
of anything that is handmade.
My mother is what I call a 'master knitter,' she's knitted most of her life and gets paid to make beautiful sweaters, felted bags, and pretty much anything you can knit. She also sews most of her own clothes. Growing up, I was encouraged to be creative and have always loved to work with my hands. It's probably no surprise that I adore the etsy site and have been shopping there for several years.
My second 'find' is an etsy shop called 'Roses and Rhubarbs.'
I first met Casey through my blog and later found her shop.

The Roses and Rhubarb shop makes precious, handmade, soft fabric dolls, and other stuffed items to coordinate with the dolls. Grace saw the sea horse and fell in love with it, so I ordered it for her recently.

As an extra gift I bought her the 'Rosie the mermaid' doll. They arrived last week wrapped beautifully. I will confess they both were supposed to be for Valentine's Day and miss Grace saw the box on our dining room table and peeked inside. I didn't have the heart (excuse the pun) to let her wait until Valentine's Day for them. Rosie and her sea horse friend are now Grace's favorites!

Go over to the Roses and Rhubarbs shop and see what's available, the dolls make a wonderful gift for any little girl in your life. Casey and Tonya feature the fabric dolls and animals, and do custom party planning too.

And please remember to see what Colleen has posted for her Friday's Find. I'll be back next week with more of my finds ( I already know what I'm posting).

And happy Friday!

14 kind words:

Steffie B. said... likey! ;)

Love Letters To China said...

Love both items! BTW, I also love your daughters haircut. It's adorable!

Kind regards,

Colleen said...

Love the dolls!!! OMG I need a few of those..maybe for me (is that selfish?)
The bows are so beautiful!!! Miss Kimberley does such a gorgeous job!!! I am so happy you shared her amazing site!!!!

Wanda said...

I'm crazy about these bows. Especially the Chinese designs. I'm going to that site next.

Really neat finds Gail. And love Graces haircut! Nice lines.

Enjoy today!

Jboo said...

Oh wow -- those all those finds! Am definitely going to check those out!

And did Grace get a new "do"? Love her haircut -- looks perfect on her. I may have to see if I can take a copy of that photo when Maddy gets her haircut next time!

Have a great weekend!

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much Gail! You are such a good friend to me. I love Grace's new hair cut and I'm going to head on over to see the mermaid doll.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Kimberley's bows are beautiful.... I need to order Sarah some new one's for spring....the detail is amazing, I need to hop on over to her blog!!

Love the dolls too..... I have seen Casey advertise them often....they are gorgeous and look so well made!! I need to get one Sarah.... I wanted to buy one around the holidays and never did:(

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!



Grace's new do is adorable..... I love how it is cropped in the back.....SO CUTE!!

Laura L. said...

These are all so very cute. I'm glad you shared.
I love Miss Grace's haircut too. :)

Dita said...

Oh, I am heading right over there. Love them!

I just love the pictures of Grace...she warms me up on this cold winter day!


jenbusymom said...

Very nice finds!

3 Peanuts said...

I love seeing everyone's finds:)

These are both great! I have bought Kimberley's bows but did not know of the other shoppe.

Casey said...

THANK YOU so much for featuring our little shop!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see our dolls and plush toys in the hands of a little girl as lovely as Grace. Tonya and I are THRILLED she loves them!!

Just beautiful, beautiful pictures! I might steal them for our site :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I am loving those bows. I think I need to order some!

I looked at the dolls and they are very hard to resist!


Michelle said...

I love this Friday Finds idea. There are so many good things out there to share!! Those dolls are adorable, but what is even more adorable is the photos of Grace holding them.

Those bows are perfect for CNY. Kimberley really has a talent for those bows!

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