Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some pics from this week...

Miss Grace picking up a giant ice chunk from the frozen tundra. She'll stay outside forever and play, she doesn't seem to care how cold it is outside.

Making an Easter card.

Miss Grace wearing her purple sunglasses in a new way...upside down. Grace is a sunglasses girl.

Let's see...not too much new and exciting going on here this week. I feel like we've been hermits staying indoors so much because of this never ending Winter. Grace was outside to play one sunny day (see above pic). Other than her normal preschool schedule, swimming lessons and gymnastics, we got crafty and made some Easter cards, and played with some friends.

Wednesday was my Mom's bday. Today Grace and I are driving down to see Grandma and Papa to take them out to lunch and to celebrate Grandma's special day. Grace's Grandparents are just about her favorite people in the world (other than her mommy and daddy I think) and she loves to spend time with them. And so do I. Happy Friday and whoohoo the weekend is almost here.... :)

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Mary D said...


This is Ping's mom from Grace's travel group. I loved seeing pictures of Grace. Ping loved seeing a Fu sister. I stumbled across your blog when I was looking at a friend's blog. She just returned from China a month ago with their 2nd daughter. You were on her list of favorite blogs.

All is well here. I am busy homeschooling the girls. Ping loves dance and ballet. Now she wants to try ice skating. It must be the outfits. Sounds a little cold for me to watch but maybe in the summer.

Good Luck with your wait for your second daughter. You will be in our prayers.


redmaryjanes said...

She is just beautiful. I love seeing her smile, truly it is so genuine and filled with joy.

Angie said...

What cute pictures of Grace! Happy Birthday to you Mom and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Denise C said...

I love her new style of wearing the sunglasses! Too Cute! She's is such a doll..I love the Easter Card too! all still do have a bunch of snow! It is snowing here right now but not laying.....our ground is just too warm I guess...we'd sure like to have a little bit of the white stuff to stick around for more than a few hours so that we could go out in it!

Ashley said...

Grace has the most beautiful smile! She is such a lovely girl!
Hope you had fun with Grandma and Papa. My boys are very close to their grandparents, too. Those relationships are so special! Enjoy the weekend, and I hope spring is on its way to you.

Steffie B. said...

Love the purple sunglasses....we are ready for some sun too! ;)

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