Friday, March 21, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday--coloring eggs

All ready to start...she was so excited here.

Pretty colors.

Grace being very careful.

Some of the finished product. :)

Wednesday night Grace and I decorated eggs. She has been begging me for a week to do this. I set up everything for her and really she colored them all by herself, I just demonstrated the process to her once. Grace absolutely loves to cook, bake and help out with anything we are doing in the kitchen. I'll say she's a great little helper too. As you can see in the pics she even has her own little apron that she wears that was a gift from a friend.

Let's see...on Easter morning the Easter bunny will have arrived and Grace will get up (bright and early I'm sure) to find her Easter basket and eggs that have been hidden that the bunny has left. There will be no eggs hidden outside as it's snowing and very cold (again!) today. After the Easter basket and breakfast we will be going to church. My parents and brother will be coming over later for dinner with the 4 of us and we will spend the afternoon together. May you and yours have a very blessed and Happy Easter. :)

7 kind words:

OH MY #6 said...

Happy Easter my friend.

Those are some fine looking eggs!


OH MY #6 said...

PS. Yes, I am not feeling the love weather wise here either!


Ashley said...

Grace did a beautiful job! I love the personalized apron that she is wearing...very chic!

Have a blessed and happy Easter with your family!

Maybe the Easter bunny will bring some warm weather your way!

Brandi said...

Happy Easter!!!

Grace looks like she was having so much fun...and she did a great job!

I'm really trying to send some of our Spring weather your way. Hopefully soon!

Mob said...

The eggs look great. Grace did a fantastic job decorating them.
Have a great Easter.
Hallelujah, He is Risen!

Angie said...

Great pictures! Grace did a great job decorating her eggs.

Happy Easter to you and yours!

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Those are some great eggs, beautiful dye job Grace! The personalized apron is too cute!!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Smiles! :o)

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