Monday, March 24, 2008

2 new little girls in the house

Miss Grace with her "Samantha" doll.

"Grace" doll on the left and "Samantha" on the right. They're lying on the quilts that come with them.

2 new dolls have come to live with us, both beautifully handmade and purchased from Stephanie at Jiinkin Kids.
I believe I first found out about Stephanie's website in Nov. of 2007, fell in love with her art work and bought a print for Grace's room called the "ABC's of China's Provinces." I also bought some of her Christmas ornaments for gifts. Stephanie is a very talented artist and is also a waiting parent for a child from China. Anyway I recently found out that Stephanie now has handmade dolls. They are soft, fabric dolls with embroidered features. Everyone is different as far as fabrics and style of their dress, they also have some applique and embroidery on the clothing. I know from experience it is kind of difficult to find nice handmade dolls that look like our children from China. You can find some plastic dolls, some of them are quite nice but so far I haven't found any like these. I was taught to sew and embroider as a child, so I really appreciate the work that has gone into them. The dolls come with a matching embroidered quilt, adoption papers, and each one has a special blessing. I'll also say they arrive in this gorgeous mesh bag. Miss Grace is in love with hers, the one she picked out is named "Samantha" and we have another one named "Grace" that waits for Miss Grace's little sister Lily. Thank you Stephanie for having these dolls now, I know they will be well loved and have gone to a good home. :)

4 kind words:

OH MY #6 said...

Oh my gosh, you bought them! i have been wanting to buy one. I love them.


Mob said...

Those dolls and quilts are gorgeous. I have heard of jinkin kids from a friend, but didn't know she made dolls. Really nice.

Andrew & Stephanie said...

Your daughter Grace has the most amazing smile!!!!! I'm so glad the dolls found a loving home!!

Angie said...

I love them! I have got to get Ruthie one of these precious dolls! Stephanie is so talented!

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