Wednesday, April 27, 2011

black and white Wednesday - baskets, bunnies and brunch

Easter 1 WM

Well, this year Easter started for all of us bright and early...
 thanks to Grace who got up 3 times
before 6 AM.
 She was just checking to see if the Easter bunny
had left anything.
Gotta love a little girl who's watching out for all of us. ;)
And that rabbit had hidden some treats so both kids were quite happy
when they were found!

Easter 2 WM
After breakfast we enjoyed a beautiful worship service at church.
Easter dyptic 1

And came back home where we waited for my parents to arrive to spend the rest of the day with us.
William adores his Grandma and Grandpa and
spent some of the time waiting in our front yard.
My little bunny with the blue ears was doing the bunny hop and if you look closely at his hands,
he has a tight  grip on a few pieces of his Easter candy.
Which he promptly popped in his mouth after I snapped these.
I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much this boy loves chocolate.

Easter storyboard

This Easter I received 2 treats that I truly appreciated this year.
We went out to brunch (a FIRST for me for Easter).
I'm usually the one preparing our dinner,
which I enjoy but it was great to do something different.
It was at a fabulous restaurant in a charming and quaint historic stone house
where the kids could play and run around in the yard after our meal.

(Thank you Dan!)

And the second treat was that our oldest son Nick and his girlfriend Lindsey met us there.
I was pleasantly surprised that they could make it.
So our entire family was together for Easter this year.
That makes my heart happy.

Easter diptyc 2

Grace told me recently that she wishes we could have more pictures taken of all of us together.
So that is now a goal of mine, and I'll be making sure that happens this year!

I hope everyone's Easter was lovely.

(Our two littles hopping and playing on the stones).
Easter 17 blw WM
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17 kind words:

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Love the fact that Grace has two beautiful dresses!

the blue eared bunny is so cute as he usually is.

And, the family photo is a great shot. What a beautiful family!


Love Letters To China said...

Love these Gail! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I think the blue bunny ears are my favorite. He is so darn cute. I also love the fact that he's a chocolate lover. He would fit in perfectly down here.

Grace looks stunning in her beautiful dresses. I agree with her....more family photos are a must. This one turned out perfect. I think we need to do the same thing. We only have a handful of pictures with everyone in them.


Jboo said...

What a great Easter! Always does my heart good too when my bigs and little are all together!

Will is my kind of boy -- there's always time for chocolate!

Great family photo -- you have such a lovely family!

Happy Wednesday!


Sharon Ankerich said...

What a beautiful day for your family! Love everyone's Easter outfits and so happy the Easter bunny made it! You captured the joy perfectly!!! Most of all I agree with Grace~ more pics of your beautiful family... love this one!!!
Blessings to you all!!!

Debbie said...

Lovely photos and it sounds like a beautiful day!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so beautiful! : ) I love the pictures. Her dress is darling. Laughed my head off about getting up 3 times before 6. Holy COW! : )

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter - your kids looked darling!

Kim said...

PERFECT Easter..
Love ya..
Glad the whole family was together..
Have a great week..

Hannah said...

It's great your son was able to make it. That really is a gift.

LOVE the pictures, as usual. I also LOVE Grace's outfit. You always dress her so beautifully. I love to see little girls look like little girls.

Kristy said...

You have a gorgeous family, I really like the last frame!

the meaklims said...

I love Grace's Easter dress - she is stunning in lilac. And Will's blue rabbit ears, absolutely priceless! These are all really lovely shots.

What a fun Easter!

The Sanders Family said...

Glad you had a lovely Easter, Gail! Great photos :) And yes, family photos (with everyone included) are so important and very sweet of Grace to say! :) Great goal to have!

Marla said...

So pretty Gail, looks like a perfect day! Love the family shot!!

ashley said...

Gail, your Easter sounded perfectly lovely! I know how special it is to have all of your children together, big and little! So happy you had such a special day.
love you.....Ashley

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

As always- these are beautiful. I especially love the last one

Mom2Isabel said...

I absolutely love the last b+W shot of Grace in the air. Of course, the ones of Will in the bunny ears are just darling.
Also enjoyed the family shot. (Thanks, Grace, for the suggestion.)

: )

Ellie said...

William and Grace look adorable! (especially love the ones of Will with the bunny ears!)

the last photo is gorgeous! I love that they are both hopping :)

xo ellie

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