Monday, April 18, 2011

16/52 - peepalicious

16/52 - peepalicious

My husband Dan is a type 2 diabetic, therefore doesn't eat such things,
but buys these colorful sugary treats for us.
They magically appeared in the pantry over the weekend.
I'm not fond of them to eat but think they're adorable.
So of course I had to capture them for my 52 project.
Will ate a blue and a yellow one.
And brushed his teeth afterwards. ;)

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the meaklims said...

Oh those colours are so perfect! And I'm not so fond of them to eat either! ...Give me chocolate anyday!


Love Letters To China said...

LOVE the colors!! So beautiful....I also love the way you can see Will in the background of the first one.

I personally do not like peeps. My best friend Gina absolutely loves them. She has even gone as far as microwave them. Apparently it makes them even more yummy....not so much to me. I'm sure if I had those in my pantry Liam would go to town on them. He eats anything sweet!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...


this picture is so adorable and beautiful all in one!


Sharon Ankerich said...

They are cute but my favorite are those Recees peanut butter eggs. :) YUM!!! but I don't ever eat them because I wouldn't stop!!! :)

Kim said...

Very cute.. I am not a fan of sweets...I always say I am sweet enough..but they are cute..

Jboo said...

They are so beautiful! Way too pretty to eat, but glad that Will tried them! Adorable photos!!

Have a wonderful Easter!


Casey said...

What a sweet man!! Must be hard to resist those yummy treats! The colors alone are too tempting.

Beautiful pics!

The Sanders Family said...

I hear ya, Gail. I don't care for peeps either, but boy, are they beautiful! Love this series of photos...great job, as always!

China Dreams said...

You either love them or hate them-and if you love them, I can't believe you can stop at just two!


Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVED peeps as a kid!!

I just saw linked from Pioneer Woman, someone made SMORES with PEEPS!! What a super-duper fabulous idea!!

Peeps have kind of lost their specialness in my heart since they are no longer exclusive to Easter :=)

Sharon said...

Such vibrant colors!

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