Wednesday, March 9, 2011

black and white Wednesday - yellow hat

Last Friday we actually ventured outside for a little while.
It finally got up into the 40's.
Some snow is still on the ground and we are pretty deep in mud, muck and slush.
The above are Will's reactions as we first got on the sidewalk.

I felt inspired by a yellow hat that I found for Grace,
and wanted to try to get a portrait of her wearing it.

Yellow hat 5
(She was trying to pick Will up and carry him around. She's usually successful.)

The giggle fest commenced,
honestly they were just delighted to be outside!
And not wearing all the heavy Winter outer layers that are necessary here.

Yellow hat 6
There was some hat throwing (a la Mary Tyler Moore?)
(Grace's idea.)

Yellow hat 7

We managed to get to our destination which was a bridge over a creek.
I was able to quickly capture a serious shot of Grace looking down.

And the portrait I'd been dreaming of in the pretty little hat...
Yellow hat 8-2
You know it's funny...
in my search for the perfect image, I didn't find it in the portraits.
I mean, I'm very happy with them but
I found it in the ones of Grace and Will playing, laughing and having fun 
on our walk down to the bridge.

Sometimes (I think), the journey often is as important as the destination.

Yellow hat 9
It's Black and White Wednesday, I  hope Spring is arriving where you live!

the long road

21 kind words:

Jill Samter Photography said...

wow! is all i can say to this series. every shot is gorgeous. the hat throwing and her jumping and will just looking at you - PERFECTION! the serious portrait of your breathtaking girl - magnificent!

her clothes and his - unbelieavable. i wish i dressed that nice and put together. i don't even think i could pull her outfits off. you dress her beautifully. i hope she likes it and stays this classy forever. what a look!!!!

xoxo jill

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!

I feel the same way as Jill. I would love to be that well put together.

The hat is adorable.


ps. see ya soon!

Love Letters To China said...

Be still my beating heart! I agree with Jill....your children ALWAYS look magnificent. The turquoise coat is just perfect with the pale yellow hat. I can't wait....3 more weeks!!!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

I totally agree with you~ your portraiture is GORGEOUS of course!!! but the playful shots are amazing... the journey is real life. I think that is the kind of photographer I tend to be. Shooting everyday life, not always worrying if I am in manual or not~ just trying to get the shot so the moment is captured and memorized forever. :) LOVE all the images you shot... so beautiful!!! Grace and Will are just precious and very photogenic!!!
Blessings and love!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your kids are model material - every photos is perfection. Love love love this series.

Krista said...

Oh wow, amazing! I have to admit, I love the Mary Tyler Moore shot the best! ;-)

Lori Lynn said...

Beatiful series and amazing hat! I think that's pretty cool that you caught Grace in the air, the hat in the air, and the little birdie facing just right all at the same time. Nice capture.

Kayce said...

Beautiful Gail! The image of Grace throwing the hat is incredible!! You captured the journey just the way I'm sure it!

Brandi said...

"Sometimes (I think), the journey often is as important as the destination"....ABSOLUTELY!

I just love the outfit Grace is wearing. She looks so grown up carrying her purse.

And Will?? I wish I could meet him in person as his personality seems HUGE!

Michelle R Photography said...

They are so cute. I am lovin' Grace's Mary Tyler Moore moment. And that hat and coat are gorgeous!! You have such great style! These are beautiful, Gail!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love that movement in the hat tossing shot & that last one is stunning. She is a knockout

DawnS said...

LOVE them all!

carolinagirl said...

Once again, your images are stunning!

I absolutely adore that yellow hat. I wish I had one for me!

Wanda said...

So true Gail - it's the journey, not the destination.

However, that is one gorgeous portrait of Grace. Perfectly composed with the serene gaze that only Grace can share.

And love the Mary Tyler Moore re-play. That is precious. I believe Grace's jump was a lot higher though. Must be the age.

Hope your week continues to warm up. (We're still getting snow here. Sigh......)

ashley said...

Such beautiful photos! Every one made me smile. Will looks so handsome in his Pea Coat and Grace's beauty is just stunning!

and yes, the journey Is full of blessings! Thanks for sharing a part of your fun day!

xoxo Ashley

Becky said...

Great shots Gail! Love them all!! I especially love the Mary Tyler Moore remake.

Ellie said...

I love this post! The feeling of complete and utter joy . . . well you've managed to capture and share that joy :)

I love the middle photo of your two - where Grace is in mid-giggle and Will is looking at her with joy written all over him too. GREAT PHOTOS!

I love Grace's outfit too, CUTE!

Have a happy day!

xo ellie

Marla said...

Very pretty Gail! Your kids are always so impeccably dressed!

Laura L. said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the one of her throwing her hat. Super fun and cute.
I like what you said about the journey. I think I needed that today.

Here's to getting LOTS of warmer weather!

Jboo said...

Love love love all these photos! That hat is beyond adorable as are those two kiddos!

Have fun in Chicago!! Wish I was there too!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH WOW... love that hat and coat....the color just POPS!!!

Beautiful in every way.... I agree, the fun shots are the ones that always mean the most!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. They always seem to go by so fast.



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