Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's hard to believe we've been home for 12 days...
Grace and Will keep asking when we're going back.
We swam every single day and they miss that very much.
These are from when we went into the nearby town of Playa del Carmen
one afternoon for some shopping, a long walk and lunch.
I captured things that caught my eye whether it was colors or patterns or just something that spoke to me of Mexico.

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Colorful tile on an arch over gardens.

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The market with all kinds of things for sale, an old building, and cool hotel sign.

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A basket of silver bracelets.

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The port of Playa del Carmen where the ferry to Cozumel comes and goes.
And me and my Gracie girl.
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And more pictures of the market.
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Every year at the beginning of Summer
I think we have so much time ahead of us and it always flies by!
It's been a fun one.
Can't believe school will start for us soon. (Sept.1)
 I think we're about ready. :)

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Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Looks like such a wonderful vacation. I was there a few years back and had a blast. These pics could have been in a travel brochure. They made me want to go back.


The Sanders Family said...

Lovely photos! What a great place to take pictures :) We've already started back to school. It's so early for us this year. Enjoy your last little bit of break! When do your kiddos go back?

Colleen said...

Awwwww, I love the first photo! Grace and Will seem to have such a special bond. It always shows in your photos. The coloring in these are fantastic!
Enjoy your last days of summer Gail...yes they go too too fast!

Kim said...

BEAUTIFUL photos..
Like always..
I love your shirt and necklace..
Soooo pretty..
Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Jill said...

Must have been a wonderful trip :). LOVE the pic of the silver bracelets, and the one of the fabrics! Somday when I have som extra time, I cannot wait to explore photography!

redmaryjanes said...

What a fabulous place! Love all of the colors. Oh, I would sure love to be there right now :)

Sharon Ankerich said...

What beautiful photos! and a grand vacation. I know you all loved it. I hope the beginning of school goes well! We have been back for almost three weeks now and going well. Love the pic of you and sweet Grace. :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

fabulous! You have captured what I remember of my very few hours in Mexico!

That picture of you and your girl is very, very, good. Nice to see your pretty face.


Love Letters To China said...

Gail I'm ready to hop on a cruise ship and sail right over to Mexico right about now. Your pictures are gorgeous and so bright with color. It's amazing how different the scenery is there. You can tell exactly where you were visiting with these photos without even telling us.

Yes, summer has flown by here too. As you already know, I'm ready for summer to come to an end. I think the kids are too. Next week is the start of school for us. We have all our school supplies ready and will be going to sleep extra early this weekend in preparation. Enjoy your last days of summer....


Karen said...

Such beautiful photos of a lovely place- love the vibrant colors and textures in these. So right about summer flying by-hope you all enjoy these last days before school begins.

Jboo said...

Love your photos and the bright beautiful colors of Mexico!

Summer did go by so fast! Maddy is back at school already and says she is so happy to be back -- great to hear that!

Love the photo of you and your Gracie girl -- you two are beautiful!
Have a fun weekend!


Robin said...

What great pictures Gail! Looks like you guys had a great time & the weather was amazing!

Wanda said...

Gail, I love the way you really captured the flavour of Mexico and your fun time there. Memories - fun making them and we can re-live them anytime we want.

Enjoy the last litle scrappings of our summer. I know we're trying to.


Terri said...

I just love Mexico! Love all your picture from there too!

Kayce said...

I have never been to Mexico...gasp I know! I think I need to go! :)

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

I love that you included a beautiful picture of yourself Gail!!! Loved it. Your pictures made me miss Playa del carmen and cozumel SO much. I want to go back in the worst way now. I'm going to show my husband your pictures so maybe I can convince him!

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