Thursday, August 26, 2010

{birthday party}

Last Saturday was Grace's birthday party.

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 Grace waiting for her guests.
She's been eagerly anticipating this party for most of the Summer.
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She invited 10 little girlfriends and everyone could come(they ranged in age from 6-8).
We went to Build-a-Bear, and each child picked out an animal(Grace chose a Panda, no surprise as she collects them).
There were 5 little girls that chose ponies, they were popular.

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The animals had a fabric heart put inside, then stuffed, then the girls cleaned and brushed them.
After that, they picked out an outfit or accessories.
We had a specific budget. The girls were great about it.

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Then home for cake (the purple bear was Grace's choice), our good friend Carla made it for her.
It was delish.
The tiny bears alongside the cake were white chocolate(tinted blue), and they were a hit.
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11 little girls plus Will at the table.
He loved it!
Fun party and wonderful kids, they really had a great time. And we did too. :)

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And next Wednesday we start school...where has the time gone?!

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Ashley said...

Hi Gail....and happy birthday to Grace. She is such a lovely young lady. Looks like a wonderful party! I can't seem to sleep, so I'm up reading my favorite blogs! Your beach photos are truly magical....

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

That looks like such a fun time. Build a bear is such a fun place for children in that age group!!

I'm such an admirer of your color pop. Beautiful.

Laurie said...

Honestly, that looks like the perfect party! Grace could not look more beautiful (love her dress!), and that cake? Oh my! Just darling! I also LOVE your home decor- so cozy and welcoming!

Karen said...

What a perfectly fun party for Miss Grace and her friends- that cake is too adorable! Enjoy your last weekend before school~


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

How fun is that? I love the cake it is super cute. And, it looks like Mr. Will fits right in with the ladies.

As usual Miss Grace looks so pretty.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Birthday to Grace! Loved seeing a glimpse of her party... we did Build-A-Bear for the first time last spring and the Tongginator loved it! Unfortunately, she doesn't have your Grace's taste and refused to choose a panda to add to my... er... I mean HER... collection. *grin*

Just Bits and Pieces said...

What a wonderful party!!!! Great captures of it!

Debbie said...

Looks like Grace had an amazing party! what wonderful memories for all the children. the photos capture the joy :)

The Sanders Family said...

So fun! Grace, of course, looked beautiful as always. I LOVE the bear cake too...your friend did a great job! Such lovely photos of a lovely party. Oh, and one last thing...I love your dining room chairs! :)

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Grace!

Jboo said...

What a great party! Looks like so much fun! Grace and her friends are such cuties! Gorgeous cake!

School is in full swing here and going great!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wanda said...


Oh, what a fun birthday. Build-a-bear is the best. Love the color scheme of this party. Very "grown-up" but just enough little girl left in it too. And what a great looking cake!

I with you all feeling a little sniffle at our growing up girls. Tell me if you find that pause button. And enjoy the last bits of summer!!


Wanda said...

Ummm.....gee....I really need to proof before I hit publish. :=/

Love Letters To China said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Grace's birthday! We had Natalie's party at Build-a-Bear when she turned 5. It was so much fun. I agree with Wanda... when you find the "pause" button, please let me know too.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy your last few days left before school.


Life with Kaishon said...

Gail! You are amazing. OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! What a great party! I almost cried when I was reading this because I was so happy that you get to be Grace and Will's mommy. You are the best one on the planet! Seriously. I adore you.

I am glad the day was so wonderful!

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday, Grace! Looks like an amazing party! LOVE that cute!

Casey said...

What a cute party! Grace looks so grown up and adorable. Love her outfit!

Ellie said...

what a fun party - we love Build A Bear and 2 of my children have had parties there - it is so cute! I love Grace's sign - and her outfit, and what beautiful photos!

Will looks like he was in heaven getting to be with the big girls at the party - he is so stinkin' cute :)

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Grace.

Jodee Leader said...

It looks like a fabulous party! Cute pictures!

Kim said...

What a FUN party..
Grace is sooo BEAUTIFUL..
Love the cake.. tooo cute..
have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

Grace is beautiful!!! Happy Birthday!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Grace! You get more beautiful by the day!

(love that cake! Yummy!)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Belated Bday to Grace! What a FUN party. No wonder Grace was anticipating it ALL SUMMER LONG:)

Grace and William look as cute as can be.....and the cake....YUMMMMM!

Enjoy your weekend~



Ashley said...

Gail, I had to change my new blog address. It's posted on my old one!
:) Ashley

JinXiu said...

Happy Birthday grace

what a great party
I love Build a Bear
Its such a fun place

It looks like everyone had a splendid time

i just returned from 2 weeks in california. lots of pictures to edit, sleep to catch up on and laundry to do.

just checking some of my favorite blogs

Kristy said...

She is just so stunning!!! She is just beautiful!!! Happy Belated Birthday!

Love and blessings, Kristy


Happy Birthday Grace! You look wonderful and no wonder your mother loves you so much!
Enjoy your 8 years old, I have a little princess from China who has just turned 8 in August and she has a little sister of 3 and a half too.
Beautiful photos, as usuel!
Guylaine, mummy of 2 China girls

Kayce said...

What a fun and festive party! I can't wait for the day to host a girl party and to be honest I'm sure Jennifer's brother will be there too just as Will was there for Grace's. :) A brothers love is never ending no matter older or younger.

Happy Birthday Miss Grace!

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