Tuesday, August 24, 2010

black and white Wednesday ~ last few

These are my last beach pics I'm putting up I promise.
We've been crazy busy with life and Grace's recent birthday party(which I'll post about on Friday).
So here are a few more of my favorites.
Then you won't see any with a beach theme until mid February
when I'll post one for fun, because I'll be sick and tired of the snow and cold. :)

mexico grace pettirun WM

Grace running on the sand in her white petti-dress.
I think the movement of her skirt looks like the nearby wave coming in.

mexico chairs WM

Chairs that were used at an early evening wedding on the beach.
They looked so pretty sitting there with ribbons blowing in the ocean breeze.
 We managed to get a glimpse of the wedding party and guests after the ceremony as they were going back to the resort .
Grace was delighted!

mexico grace parasol WM

And the top of her blue and white parasol as she looked out at the ocean,
 this was shot on the last day we were in Mexico.

mexico grace parasol bw WM

And converted to black and white.

It's Black and White Wednesday again,
please say hi to Lisa at The Long Road to China(and see her beautiful baby daughter Reagan).
And check out many more black and whites!

the long road

24 kind words:

Life with Kaishon said...

As far as I'm concerned you could post gorgeous beach pictures like this until next summer! She is adorable as can be. That dress is to-die-for!

Kim said...

Grace is soooo BEAUTIFUL..
I say it all the time but she is pretty..
Looks like the kids enjoy the beach sooo much..
I sooo wish I lived on the beach..
soooo relaxing..
Love the photos.
and I never get sick of beach photos..
Have a great week..
Love ya..

China Dreams said...

Beautiful photos, as always; I'll remember to look for some more in February because I, too, will be sick of snow and cold by then :-)

Kayce said...

Oh these are stunning Gail! I love that first one so much! And the black and white is perfect! I'm dying to go get a parasol! More inspiration for me!!

Donna said...

I would never get tired of your beach photos! Pure eye candy!!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

EB said...

There is something special about beachphotos. I don't think you could ever get tired of them. Your girl sure is beautiful.

Erika B

Love Letters To China said...

Oh Gail.... how could anyone get tired of your beach photos? They are heavenly to gaze upon. I absolutely love Grace's parasol's. Did you bring them or borrow from the hotel as props? They look absolutely perfect in your photos.

Looking forward to seeing the birthday girls party pics!


Debbie said...

So beautiful!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh so pretty, all of them and Miss Grace.

Can't wait, to hear all about the party.


Laurie said...

I think I might be in love with that blue parasol picture. I just keep looking at it over and over again. It's sooo perfect!

redmaryjanes said...

Love Love Love the first photo!

Michelle@BornInOurHearts said...

Beautiful images, Gail!! Hey, I can see three of the four. Things are looking up!

Angie Seaman said...

I love these Gail. What beautiful images. The one with her and the blue parasol as well as the white/pink chairs with the blue ocean backdrop are incredible. Great job! You know how much I love beach images girllllll. :)

Hugs, Angie Seaman

Ellie said...

oh, I want MORE. I miss the beach :( I love the first one, her skirt does look like the waves. and that blue parasol and blue sky - that could be a gorgeous piece of art!

Terri said...

I'm so glad you posted these because their AWESOME! I love the dress. Perfect for beach picture! I love your eye and love how you did the parasol pic! If you have more beach pictures...post them. As you can tell we all love them!

Marla said...

These are gorgeous Gail, love the soft pretty colors.

Jboo said...

Oh my -- beautiful! I hope you'll keep posting your beach pictures, esp. during the long cold winter that we don't want to even think about, do we! ;) Have a great Wednesday!


Wanda said...

Gail, keep posting these gorgeous images of paradise. I'll just keep coming back here for a little "fix".

These are sooooo beatuiful. That white dress really does blend into the waves. I just love it!!

Have a great week!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

These are just gorgeous!! I love the parasol one....seems so sureal! I would love to go to Mexico or any beach for that matter. Love these pictures!

Melanie said...

WOW, These are so beautiful!!!

Just Bits and Pieces said...

That photo of Grace on the beach is so amazing!!! And I love the parasol one too!!!! I'm now your newest follower!

Courtney said...

Beautiful photos, I love the white pettidress.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I say keep the beach pictures coming..... they are GORGEOUS Gail.

I especially love the shot of Grace in the white petti dress..... you are right, the skirt looks just like the wave crashing in:)

All of your beach pictures have such a peaceful feel to them....so soothing.

Enjoy your weekend~



kristinvald said...

Oh my goodness....this pictures is just divine !!!!

Love your blog and love your photos of your beautiful children :-)

KristĂ­n from Iceland - mother of two beutiful girls from China :-)

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