Friday, August 6, 2010

{birthday girl}

(This is a scheduled post to mark Grace's birthday.)

grace 8 bday 2

Dear Grace,

You are 8 years old now.

 The last year has flown by...and I wish the time would slow down a little. To me, it seems like you are growing up way too fast.
You've had a wonderful year and Daddy and I are so proud of you.
You'll be in second grade very soon.

grace 8 bday WM

You love school, your teachers and always try your best at everything.
You are a gentle soul with a loving, kind heart.
You have many friends and are probably the happiest child I've ever known.
grace 8 bday 4

You are the best big sister to William. He loves you dearly.
You are a true girly girl in many ways, but I also love that you can play hard with the boys.
You have a great sense of humor and laugh often. And we never tire of hearing that beautiful sound.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for you, our sweet Gracie!
Happy Birthday.
with much love,
Mommy and Daddy

grace 8 bday 1
Of the many pictures I've taken of Grace, this series is probably my very favorite to date.

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Love Letters To China said...

Happy Birthday Grace! I hope you are enjoying your birthday with your family in Mexico.

I agree Gail... they are growing up way too fast. I'm always wishing the clock would slow down for just a bit. These photos are beautiful. She looks so much older than her 8 yrs.

Hope you're enjoying your family vacation!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Your "birthday girl" is stunning! I hope you have the BEST day celebrating.


redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. She is truly lovely in so many ways.

Debbie said...

Oh Gail, these are stunning! Wishing Grace a Happy Birthday! Enjoy every second with her, the time goes by so quickly. I think your photos capture such a sweet innocence.

Missy said...

Happy Birthday, Grace! You are a beautiful little girl that lights up a computer screen a mile away. Enjoy your year!!!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday. What lucky girl to be spending her birthday soaking up the sun in Mexico.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday. What lucky girl to be spending her birthday soaking up the sun in Mexico.

Debbie said...

Gail, I thought these were so beautiful, I shared a link to your blog on my blog. Hope that is okay and hope you are having a great vacation!

Shonni said...

The pictures are so beautiful!!!
Happy birthday sweet girl.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Grace..
Enjoy your day..
You are soooo BEAUITFUL and have an AMAZING Family..

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Your such a beautiful girl!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Dear Grace~

I love your name and all the pictures your mom takes and all the words she writes about you make me think they chose the perfect name for you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and special year!

A birthday buddy in Texas

Jboo said...

Grace -- hope you have a fabulous birthday! I have a feeling that you will! You're such a beautiful and sweet girl and a delight to your Mom, Dad and brothers! Hope you are having a wonderful time on vacation!


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!!! And a belated Happy Birthday to you Gail!!

Hope you are having a wonderful relaxing time in Mexico!!!

Karen said...

Happy 8th Birthday Miss Grace! Hope that the celebrating goes on and on!

(and Happy Belated to your mom!)

Deb said...

Happy, Happy 8th Birthday Grace! We wish you a wonderful year ahead!

Gail....I have to agree that this are some of the most darling pictures of your sweet girl.

Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

Laura L. said...

Happy birthday Grace! Lovely photos, of a truly lovely girl.
You always capture her beauty so perfectly.

Lily's Pad said...

I love coming here and seeing your images. It always makes my day a little brighter! Happy Birthday beautiful Gracie. These photos are stunning. I love her expressions. Hope your time in Mexico is wonderful


Kayce said...

Happy Birthday Grace! May the year ahead be filled with joy, love and constant blessings for you!

Beautiful pictures Gail!! Hope you're enjoying your family time!

Sue said...

So stunning! What a beautiful birthday girl inside and out.

Sue : )

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Gail! This is perfect. She is so very beautiful. I am glad that you get to be her Mommy because I know it thrills you to know end! I can tell that you adore her with every single word you write. Lovely.

Dita said...

OH, I can see why, Gail...these images are just beautiful. I love the colors and the texture you used.

Grace is more beautiful with every passing year.

Happy 8th Birthday, Grace!

Hope you are enjoying the sand and sea!

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