Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just One Child at a Time

Please hop on over to Daleea's blog, One Child at a Time to bid on donated items to raise funds for Amanda's Starfish Foster Home. The funds will be able to provide surgery to babies that have some medical special needs and once they have the surgery the babies can be adopted and go home to their forever families. I have donated 2 hand knit dolls from the store, A Gift from China in Guangzhou. They are made by local women in Shaanxi Province and both have bright cotton floral traditional Chinese outfits on (pants and top). They are about 13 inches in length and one of them has braids, the other has her hair up in a bun. They also have black mary jane shoes on. :) Miss Grace has one of these dolls and it's one of her favorites to play with and just be a mommy to. I really appreciate anything handmade and I like toys that don't always have loud sounds, are not made of plastic, and encourage Grace to use her imagination a bit. :)

6 kind words:

Paula said...

I love the dolls and I love the auction. Its a great idea.

OH MY #6 said...

I am on it!


Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank you so much Gail..... your heart is beautiful and loving and your giving is such a blessing to myself, whoever wins the auction on your precious dolls and most importantly to the children.
Thank you also for helping to get the word out about the Auction Blog.
God Bless you and your beautiful Grace.

Denise C said...

OH these dolls are beautiful! You are so kind to do this for this wonderful cause! Starfish has a special place in my heart as well!

OH MY #6 said...

I bid on this cute doll! How sweet of you to donate it!

Is you DH taking his laptop to Disney? I hope so!!


redmaryjanes said...

The dolls that you donated are so wonderful. I'm bidding!!

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