Sunday, February 17, 2008

Renewing some of our paperwork

Our I-171H expires in early April, so I'm sending in the paperwork to USCIS to renew it this week. We get one free renewal. Our homestudy will be updated too this month. I really don't mind and it will be nice to meet with our SW again. It makes me feel like we are doing something proactive and moving forward. We all do whatever we have to get our children home with us. The homestudy renewal process in WI isn't a big deal, we just update if there have been any changes, with employment or income or a significant change in health status.

Now to update on the sickies here in this house: Dan is greatly improved, so is Miss Grace and now I'm getting something. I don't think I have whatever Dan had fortunately. I've had a wicked bad headache today and felt kind of "flu-y." Motrin and a nap helped tremendously this afternoon. :)

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Story of our Life said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Gail!!!

Abi had some sort of a stomach bug or something today. Good thing we didn't need to go to the URgent Cares around here huh? they were closed. I acutally thought about taking her in this morning because I'm certain she has a sinus infection.

Hope you are feeling better!!!

Ashley said...

Hi Gail - hope you are not getting sick. Maybe after a good nights sleep, you'll feel better in the morning.

I didn't mind the renewal process, at all. It was nice to actually do something. Good luck with the paperwork!

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Chris was real sick a few weeks ago. Last week it was me now he is sick again and I can not get rid if this horrible headache. I am just glad Leah is doing OK.
Hope you feel better soon.

Mob said...

Hope you're not gettin the flu. I agree that at least when your doing the paperwork part it feels like your moving forward.
Get some rest.

Brandi said...

Hope you're feeling a little better today.

Our paperwork is all ready to be mailed out, but I'm going to hold on to it for just a little bit longer. Our I-171 doesn't expire till the end of March, and I figure the longer I can hold off renewing (before it actually expires), the longer the new one will be valid. Just have to be sure it is sent in time to be received before the old one expires...gotta get that free renewal in.

(Wow...I just re-read what I typed...are you confused yet???)

OH MY #6 said...

feel better soon! I think I better look into my paper work soon too.


Angie said...

We are renewing too and it is so much easier than the first go around. Two years ago I was wanting everyone to hurry up but this time I am actually hoping they take their time because the longer they take, the more time we have to get a referral before it expires again! Good luck with it all!
I so hope everyone in your home is feeling much better now. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids! The flu is taking over our little small town. I am crossing my fingers it avoids my home.

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