Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2 Things (on a Tuesday)

I saw this on another blog...play along if you like!

2 names you go by...Gail and Mommy or Mom

2 things you are wearing now...jeans and a sweater

2 things you would want (or have) in a relationship...trust and humor

2 things you want very badly at the moment...travel to China and get my daughter

2 pets you have or have had...Molly (black lab) and Max (dachshund)
2 things you did last night...played a game with Grace and took Grace's temp

2 people you think will fill this out...I have no idea

2 things you ate today...a banana and Life cereal

2 people you last talked to...Dan and my friend Carla

2 things you are doing tomorrow...taking Grace to swimming lessons and cleaning my house

2 longest car rides...our move from CA to Illinois and Indiana to Florida trip

2 people no long alive who you'd like to talk to...my friend DeeAnne from high school and my Grandparents

I won't tag 2 other people but if you decide to play along be sure and let me know. :)

2 kind words:

Story of our Life said...

Hmmm....few of our answers were close to being the same. :)

Kim & Jeff said...

Had fun with this one...

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