Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally Friday!

Miss Grace on Valentine's Day before preschool--she's holding Jack.

Grace playing a game on Mom's computer.

Lots of snow here, and since this pic it's snowed even more.

It's been a long week here, with more snowstorms (that's all it's done here this Winter), and additional snow on the way this weekend. I think we're supposed to get 9-10" more. We don't even go outside much to play because it's been so bitter cold. Grace had a busy week at school and lots of fun with a Valentine's Day party. I taught a class to a Mother's of Preschoolers group that I belong to, and Dan returned from a business trip to Salt Lake City. Dan is sick as a dog, and I mean sick. He's got an upper respiratory flu with a high fever, dry cough and aches and pains. All he does is sleep. I've kept him "isolated" from the rest of us because I so do not want Grace or myself to get this thing. The hard part is keeping Grace away from him. It is Friday though and that's always great in my world. Please stay warm and safe! :)

5 kind words:

OH MY #6 said...

Grace is really beautiful.

Your snow looks wicked for sure! But, it looks like you have somewhere to put it. Living in downtown Toronto there is no place to put the snow! Our driveway has mounds and mounds of snow. I can't get my car out with out someone helping me back out.

Hope you man gets feeling better. that is so nasty.

Stay healthy and enjoy your weekend.


Story of our Life said...

As usual - Grace looks beautiful!! She is quite a princess.

I hope Dan gets feeling better VERY soon and both you and Grace are able to dodge getting whatever he has.

As for the really want to know what I think? (It isn't G rated. Thus I can't write it on your blog)

Mob said...

Oh, poor Dan, I hate being sick. That does look like a lot of snow. I love the outfit Grace has on for Valentines, too cute!

Brandi said...

Grace sure is a cutie! Love the Valentine outfit!

That snow is crazy! Is it always like that in the winter? I don't think I could handle that much snow, though I guess you get used to it!

So sorry Dan is sick. That is no fun at all! Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Ashley said...

OK, you have a lot of snow! Dan sounds exactly how I felt a few weeks ago. Hope he is feeling better soon, and you and Grace stay germ free.

I love the photo of Grace sitting by your computer. She is beyond beautiful! She has an inner beauty that shines through, too.

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