Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cabin Fever

A scary looking icicle hanging off the corner of our house.

Miss Grace sitting on top of a snow pile at the end of our driveway. This snow pile is about 6 ft. tall, and it's not the biggest one I've seen by any means.

Well, with us being sick this week (fortunately we're all well now), and this crazy mess of a Winter we've had this year, we have had some cabin fever. We pretty much venture outside only when it's absolutely necessary. This area of Wisconsin has had about 9o inches of snow this Winter. The last storm (on Monday), was a lovely combination of freezing rain and snow. The temps have been so cold that the ice can't be cleared off the roads. Even salt won't melt it unless the temp is at least 13 degrees F. And the highs during the daytime have been around 5-7 degrees! Our dog Molly sometimes refuses to go outside to go potty. She will stick her snout out the front door, kind of checking the temp and if she determines that it's too cold for her, she won't go out. It's not fun trying to get an almost 90 lb. dog out there! This weekend I believe we are in for a heat wave of 30-32 degrees. Oh, and more snow is forecast for Monday. I think Spring is in 5 weeks or so. Wish it would come early! :)

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redmaryjanes said...

Your box came today with the little red maryjanes. I am very touched by your card and the hair bows and those shoes. They are so sweet. I have put them on top of Sophia's dresser. When I opened the box, it was like you reached out and hugged me. It's amazing how people can do that.
And wow, thank you for 2nd donation to the postage fund. I was really surprised by that. We are really gaining momentum now with the supply raiser and I will be so happy when everything is at Starfish.
Thank you so much.

Story of our Life said...

I can 2nd your cabin fever feelings.

This winter has added even more stress on me because I drive in it non stop. My shoulders, neck and back hurt.

Not to mention...our 2005 Montana - was hurt today. Thankfully, things get cleared VERY fast and the person who "hurt" our Montana will get the ball rolling so HER insurance can/will pick up the cost for me to drive a vehicle 1/3 of the size of our Montana.

The pics...great!! I love them.


Christine said...

Wow - look at that snow! My little southern children would have a hayday - I'd have to drag them in by their purple toes!!

Mob said...

That looks like a lot of snow for your area. Of course, we've got twice as much, but I live at 6500 ft. altitude and you would expect that. I bet it causes a lot of problems with the traffic and streets. I'm with the dog, those temps are just toooooo cold.
Hope it warms up soon for you.

OH MY #6 said...

I hear you my friend!


Angie said...

WOW! I can understand why you have cabin fever. That is a lot of snow! We wouldn't know what to do here in the south with all of that! The whole state would shut down indefinitely!
I hope sunnier days are headed your way soon!

Ashley said...

You are definitely dealing with A LOT of snow!! It is so pretty, but not fun to drive in. I think the ice on the streets is the worst. Be careful!

We are in that strange pattern where it will be snowing one day, and the next day it is sunny and warm. My boys are already wanting to wear shorts! It's a tease, though. We still have a lot of winter left around here.

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