Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Snapshot (Thankful)

Will Nov-13-8

As I write this November is 2/3 over and Thanksgiving
is nearly here.
I realize that I almost got through this month without doing another blog post
but decided to get this one in.
It's been a busy month for me for various reasons, but not too busy to reflect a little bit about
what I'm thankful for...

Will Nov 2013 Storyboard

I'm thankful that Will is a happy person and that he surprises me almost everyday. 
The things he knows and asks about, the things he thinks about and does - always make me smile
 and wonder how we got him. 
I'm thankful that Will is smart and kind - it will make his road a little easier.  I'm thankful that he has a strong belief in God - it will give him strength through hard times.  I'm thankful that Will loves his family - it makes our Wisconsin winters a bit warmer.
And finally I'm thankful that I get to be his mom.

Will Nov-13-9


Ni Hao Yall

9 kind words:

Michelle said...

He is a beautiful boy captured perfectly here by his beautiful mom!

Life with Kaishon said...

You really amaze me! These pictures are so wonderful. You do such a great job of staging but still capturing the spirit of your little people. I LOVE these. I hope your Thanksgiving with your family is wonderful. Sending lots of love on this chilly morning. I heard Wisconsin was getting snow yesterday. Boo!

tiarastantrums said...

these are wonderful! look at your little man!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

sweet post, from a very sweet mom about an extremely sweet boy!

I love this Gail!


Hannah said...

These are gorgeous. Your children are just so special. There is something in them that just glows.

Heidi Reitz said...

My fave is the handstand. You perspective was perfect and drew me in right away. Your work inspires me...

molly said...

Oh wow he is quite a little gymnast


Teri said...

What a beautiful post! Beautiful and what and amazing son you have!

Sophi Belle said...

You are trully blessed!
Wonderful photos!! <3

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