Monday, December 2, 2013

Tradition (Sunday Snapshot)

Tree Farm - WM
 At Christmas, all roads lead home. 

~Marjorie Holmes
Tree Farm Storyboard Dec 2013
Growing up my family had the tradition of cutting
down our Christmas tree and as the years have gone by
and I now have my own family, we've continued it.
We moved to Wisconsin 8 years ago when Grace
was a little one of 3. That year Dan carried her
through the tree farm and it was bitter cold!
We still go to the same farm to find our tree and now
my two youngest definitely help and voice their own opinion
on which is the perfect tree.
This year the tree we chose is the tallest we've ever had.

I think I love this entire experience so much because
we get to drink yummy hot apple cider and
the fragrance of the fresh trees outdoors always
speaks of Christmas to me.

(Taken yesterday afternoon, the hazy light was gorgeous)

Tree Farm - WM-3


Ni Hao Yall

6 kind words:

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

it looks like a pretty amazing tree and a great day!

what I want to know is what is in the cute bucket? it all looks yummy!


Love Letters To China said...

What a wonderful tradition to pass on to your children. Looks like the perfect day for choosing the perfect one. I could just imagine the smell of those trees if I close my eyes tight enough. Can't wait to see some pics of it all decorated.


Laurie said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful tradition. I drag fake trees up from the basement, so I'm a little bit jealous. :)

Sophi Belle said...

Wonderful photos and what a lovely tradition! Last year I had a fake tree but this year I'm totally getin a real one!

Jboo said...

Great tradition! Love your photos!

Courtney said...

I love fun Christmas traditions. I remember as a child, going to the tree farm and picking out the perfect tree. You children will cherish these memories for years to come.

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