Friday, August 10, 2012

Friendships, Photography and Fun - Favorite Photo Friday

{Beautiful Natalie, just after being photographed by her mom.} 

Friendships 1 

If you read my previous post you'd remember that our friends (Grace, Liam and Natalie)
visited us for 5 days, (here from Florida).
Grace (mom) had a new 35mm lens and wanted to take it out for a try.
She already knew plenty about light and how her camera worked.
Her photography is beautiful.
I did show her a couple of of them being as far as what I do to get children
to relax and have natural smiles and expressions in photos.
And it's not hard...we have conversations, I listen, we talk and I ask questions.
Many times the best expressions are between the talking (and that's my opinion).
Natalie did awesome by the way!

Natalie Diptych

Grace(mom) also wanted to get some photos of Liam and Natalie
and then Liam by himself.
I'm hoping in a blog post she'll show some of those adorable photos
that she captured.
My husband Dan was a great assistant as far as distracting the two boys while 
Grace, Natalie and I were working on photos.

Friendships Storyboard

Dan and the little boys took a walk around the back of the park and found some
big sticks. They started making what looked like a tepee.
Eventually the girls joined in.

Friendships 8

The kids called it a 'nest.' As in a birds nest.
The girls added leaves and flowers.
They were all so cute together making this thing, and
it was serious business for everyone.
The boys had to choose just the right stick.

Friendships 9

While they were here visiting, we went to the Madison Farmer's Market,
 Grace(mom) and I went out to dinner by ourselves, 
they helped us celebrate my Grace's 10th Birthday on Monday 
and they got the grand tour and saw  Southern Wisconsin's
rolling hills, beautiful barns and farmlands.
Oh...and cows of course. ;)
In the evening time the kids raced around the backyard playing tag with neighbor children
and they caught fireflies. Fireflies don't seem to be in Florida I guess.
Of all those things, I think this one...with our 4 children building that funny 'nest' was my favorite time
and I'll always remember how much fun we all had.
In our quaint little corner of the United States.
I call it 'Mayberry.'
And it really is.

Thank you Grace, Liam and made some wonderful Summer memories for all of us.
Maybe next time...Florida?

Friendships 10

Liam (5.5 yrs.), Will(6.5 yrs.), Grace (10 yrs.) and Natalie (9.5 yrs.)
Love those sweet smiles!

the long road

12 kind words:

Jboo said...

What fun times and great memories you all made together!! Those four are so adorable!!

Love that "nest."

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

looks like the best of times! And that Dan is a pretty good guy!


Kate said...

It looks like a lovely visit that was enjoyed by everyone. Good friends are the staff of life...and those precious times more precious than gold.

Sharon said...

Great post! So happy you got together again. Wonderful to see the kids together!

Kim said...

BEAUTIFUL... I want to come and visit you ... Love the photos you are amazing..
are you guys still moving?

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so glad all of you got to spend time with your besties! :) Love the images you captured. I could see the love between each other. So sweet!

PS That tie is rockin'

Wanda said...'s so great that you two can get together and share so much. Happy for you both.

Love the inside scoop on some of your activities. I know it must be hard to only share a bit....must have been a wild 5 days.


Love Letters To China said...

Thank you for sharing such amazing memories Gail. These are so special. Would absolutely love for you to visit us down south next time. Have to get our "big guys" together. I know they'll get along fabulously.



Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Love this post!! Love seeing all your little ones together and having so much fun!! You captured them all so naturally!!!! Love that creative!!!! What wonderful memories!!!!!

the meaklims said...

Oh I love these memories!!
This post brings a smile to my face this Friday! :)


Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

How lovely to have these friends to create these memories with.

Sharon Ankerich said...

LOVE that y'all get together!!! LOVE every single photo!!! XOXO

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