Wednesday, August 22, 2012

32/52 - Summer Vacation

{First glimpse of the beach, the waters of Green Bay in Ephraim, WI}

Summer Vacation 7

I'm a water person and it's no surprise that all 3 of my children are too.
My Dad had a boat when I was growing up and I learned to ski
and spent many hours on lakes and reservoirs growing up in Indiana.
It's probably for that reason that we try to vacation at a spot near water.

Summer Vacation Storyboard

The water this time was in Door County, WI.
This was our second visit there as a family and it didn't disappoint at all.
We spent quite a bit of time on the beach or in the water...whether
it was the fresh water of the bay or in the pool.

Summer Vacation 8

When we weren't in the water we explored some of the quaint little towns and villages
that are up and down the peninsula.
I found a gem of an antique store and purchased a few photography props that also
double as items that go in our home.
Grace and Will got to experience a drive-in movie (we saw Ice Age 3).
They wore their pj's and ate popcorn and we snuggled under blankets
while watching the show on that big outdoor screen.
It reminded me of my own childhood.
 We played mini- golf
and went to a traditional Wisconsin fish boil.
The food was delicious!
They embraced all these new experiences...all 3 were a huge hit.
We found that Will  has a fondness for boats of any's adorable.
He loved checking out the local marinas.

I think the best part was time spent together away from the tv, computer and
video games.
Just us being a family.

These are a few of my favorites but as you can imagine
I have quite a few more photos to go through and will do a couple more posts
showing our time in this beautiful place.
It's lovely in the Fall, so hopefully next year we may return...

Summer Vacation Storyboard 2

8 kind words:

Kate said...

I could get lost in these photos...and the description of what most certainly must be heaven on earth. Lovely...can't wait to see more.

Love Letters To China said...

What a wonderful vacation you must have had. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to go back again this year. Can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

I'm just getting around to working on my photos of our trip to WI. I can't believe 2 1/2 weeks have already gone by. Time is passing so quickly, I can almost feel it pass beneath my feet.


p.s. We really must find the time to chat soon. :-)

Michelle said...

Gorgeous pictures, Gail! Looks like a beautiful and relaxing vacation!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh my goodness Gail- what a beautiful place. I love every single one of these. Drive-in movie sounds like so much fun. I was just telling the kids about those the other day.

ashley said...

Gail, what a beautiful vacation spot. Sounds like a fabulous way to end your summer. I just love the drive-in movie :) The black and white phot of Grace is so pretty. She looks darling in all of her head-bands. Looks like the bang grow out is going well :)
xo Ashley

Sophi Belle said...

All the photos are wonderful! Such a beautiful place.

Courtney said...

What a beautiful place to visit. I love the picture of Grace and the butterfly, it looks like she has the magic touch.

Mike and Rhonda said...

I just found you! And we could have been best friends....Matilda Jane, Adoption, Photography etc. :). Yes you do have a wonderful life and I hope you have lots of time to enjoy your beautiful family. As they say, you blink and they are grown....blessings!

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