Saturday, August 27, 2011

34/52 - Zoe pup

34/52 - Zoe

I think if you haven't had a puppy for many years, you kind of forget what it's like
and how much your life changes.
In my opinion it's pretty similar to having a newborn.
Except that newborns don't chew your furniture, or shoes or pretty much anything that's on the floor.

Zoe is a sweet girl and has a lot of Lab in her we think.
The house training is going well and she's crate trained.
We have found out that she is a huge fan of water, she loves to swim in it, bite it and stand in it.
Several times I've found her standing in her water bowl.
The puppy days don't last long and I'll miss them when they're gone.
She's also growing crazy fast!

(Zoe weighs 22 lbs. now and is 13 weeks old)

Zoe 1

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Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh my gosh she is so sweet. and, look at the size of those puppy paws! Love the collar too!


ps. I think Zoe has a very pretty face.

Scott Samter said...

Oh I don't miss that puppy stage or newborn stage. Love them both but glad to not be in them now.

Zoe is beautiful Gail! And those paws - yep she sure has a lot of growing to do! Enjoy every minute of her sweetness!!!

Blessings and love,

Ellie said...

haha - we have 2 6 month old pups now and I totally forgot! ours have chewed our walls, our furniture and even the columns on our front porch! Our carpet is so stained - all this in our 7 month old house - boohoo!

Zoe is gorgeous and she makes me miss having a lab. we opted for smaller dogs this time - we love them (but don't tell - they are not nearly as beautiful as labs :)

xo ellie

Love Letters To China said...

She is so beautiful Gail. Natalie saw the pictures and said "Now you have to get us a dog!". I don't think so... ;-)


Sharon said...

She is really beautiful!

a Tonggu Momma said...

She is absolutely adorable! (Although Squirt actually does chew on cords and shoes. But not the furniture legs. At least, not yet anyways. *grin*)

Sharon Ankerich said...

A beautiful pup and I SO remember the puppy days. Whew... lots of work but SO worth it. Blessings! XO

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Cute, cute, cute...definately not a stage I enjoy!! ha/ha

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