Wednesday, January 19, 2011

black and white Wednesday - milestone

will snow 1 WM

'Children are like snowflakes - no two are the same.'
~ unknown

will snow 2 WM

Will doing the happy dance with all the snow, it looks like he's celebrating something.
will snow 3 WM

Tomorrow he will have been with our family 2 years, 6 months and 21 days.
That's one day longer than he hasn't been with us.
I think it's a milestone, especially because he wasn't a baby
 when we met him for the first time in China.

will snow 4 WM

Will has come so far.
He's genuinely happy and feels like he's an important part of our family.
We can't wait to see what the future holds for him.
The above picture sums him up to a 'T.'
Delightful, funny and joyful.

will snow 5 WM-2

the long road

31 kind words:

Sharon said...

That surely IS a milestone, indeed! The images captured his joy perfectly.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Oh do I understand the importance of celebrating these milestones. As you know we just celebrated Gabriel's on Monday.

What lovely photos of your beautiful son who does shine joy!

I love his smile!!!! Congrats on how far you have come with Him and praising God for the healing work only He can do!

Love to you and your beautiful family!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I can feel the joy! What a doll.

He looks adorable. Just adorable!


Courtney said...

What a great milestone. Love the beautiful pictures.

Laurie said...

I documented that milestone too - it was really big to me since Aaron was older too. And those pictures are just precious, Gail!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That is a BIG MILESTONE and definitely something to be celebrated!

What adorable pictures of your spunky little guy in the snow! SO CUTE...and yes, I think that picture totally sums him up!!

Have a wonderful week~



carolinagirl said...

Gail, first of all, I love your photos today & second...that is an amazing milestone! Great idea...I need to figure out that date for our family with Emma.

Christine said...

That's a sweet milestone - congratulations!

Michelle R Photography said...

These are adorable!!! Congratulations on this milestone!!

Love Letters To China said...

Congratulations Gail! What a precious boy you have on your hands. These photos capture his essence perfectly.


justine said...

congratulations and I absolutely love your black and white.

Kathleen said...

What beautiful photos. It sounds like he is a WONDERFUL part of your family!!

the meaklims said...

There is somehting about Will, I can't put my finger on it, but he is a precious precious boy. He makes me grin. What a beautiful celebration.

Lilah would love love love a brother that she could love, more than anything. But I'm not sure what God has in mind for our family yet.

I love how his happiness shines through in these pictures. You always capture your children beautifully.


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

And what a happy milestone for sure!! Love this series of much fun. I am trying to encourage my clients to head outside for a few as it is so much fun. These are some of my farvorites for sure of Will!

Ashley Sisk said...

What a happy and joyful blessing - love these photos!

Carol said...

I remember counting this milestone well, felt like I was counting forever. Happy day for you too - Will's joyful personality shines through your photos!

Natalie said...

ALL of these are beautiful! The color in the colorful ones are so vibrant and deep and the black and white is stunning!

Casey said...

YEAH WILL!! That is a wonderful milestone!

Lovely photos too!!

Wanda said...

Huge milestone Gail. It's like another new beginning.

Love these images of pur joy on of your sweet Will. Magical!!


Anonymous said...

He is too cute! Great moments-he looks so happy ;0)

Happy B/W Wednesday!

Kelly And Allison said...

well.. Congratulations. He is such a special boy. Full of life. So happy for your family.

Kim said...

Have a great week..
I miss you and love you ..
Love his smile..
Great photos...

Missy said...

That is a HUGE milestone, Gail!!! He is such a doll baby. These pics are absolutely always! :)

Stefanie said...

What an incredibly special little guy that Wil is!
LOVE these images, so spontaneous... they truly capture his JOY!

Kayce said...

That is a big milestone and one to honor! Enjoy that hug from your boy tomorrow morning!! I love each capture of him...he is just precious and perfect!

Sharon Ankerich said...

OH what beautiful photos of your precious boy! LOVE them all. He is such a delight I can tell. We are SO blessed with our sweet children. Hope you are staying warm today.
Blessings and Joy!!!

Jboo said...

Great milestone! Love to see his sweet and joyful face!


Ellie said...

Happy Happy Day Sweet Will! (we called it "equal day" with Tia - and we recognized it with both our little ones - it is a huge deal!)

That little boy exudes joy! What a blessing he is.

I love these photos - my fave is the second one! and the big huge smile one of course!

xo ellie

likeschocolate said...

Congratulations! He is adorable!

ashley said...

I adore those photos!! What a special day for your family....definitely a wonderful milestone!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I am on pins and needles (ha!) waiting for our milestone! Will is SUCH a handsome and happy looking little boy! So glad he's part of your family!!

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