Thursday, November 18, 2010

The last leaves

gathering leaves WM

I'm always a little sad to see the last of our Fall.

will hat portrait web WM

Monday we didn't have school (it was a teacher education day).
We ran some errands and then stopped at our favorite park before going home.
Leaves storyboard

There was 1 tree  that still had about a third of it's leaves. Large, bright yellow Maple leaves.
And so many on the ground.
Of course Grace and Will collected a few and then had to throw some.
I love  their expressions in the storyboard...Grace's concentration as she's getting ready to throw
and Will laughing.

wave web WM

We've already been wearing warm coats, hats and mittens.
Snow is coming I'm sure. And Thanksgiving is next week. :)

Farewell Fall.

14 kind words:

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Looks like so much fun...we don't have any colored leaves left here so I just dream about hem through your awesome the storyboard!!

Jboo said...

Love these photos of your two! We have leaves and somehow beat you to snow last weekend! But it melted fairly quickly! Enjoy the last days of all!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh my goodness Gail they are such cuties. I just want to squeeze Wiil!


Lori Lynn said...

I love seeing these seasonal pictures. They make you feel so warm and cozy and ready for the holidays. As usual, the photos are amazing. You do great work.

I really enjoy stopping by your blog and I wish you all some wonderful holiday memories.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Stunning. Love your frames and storyboard.

Courtney said...

Great pictures as always. I am sad to see the end of fall. The leaves are all gone here in Ohio.

Kim said...

LOVE the photos.
the kids are tooo cute..
I sooo loved playing in the leaves as a kid..
Have a great weekend..

Terri said...

I absolutely LOVE Will's hat! It's super cool!!!!
Of course both your kids are always dressed so cute!

The Sanders Family said...

Lovely again, Gail. Great job! These just SCREAM fall!

ashley said...

wow, those are such great pictures! It is so good to get back to checking in on my favorite blogs. Your pictures always make me smile!
xoxo Ashley
p.s. Thanks for all of your love and support on my blog.

Lisa said...

Your photography has me captivated!It is so beautiful your not kidding when you call your photos A Mother's Art. It's just beautiful!

I came to your blog because of it's name and mostly the name Grace ~ That is my mothers name. Then I see you have a Will. Would that be William? That was my fathers name? They were Grace and William for 56 years... until he died. AKA Wonderful Willy and Gracie...We would always say "Where there is a Will'y' there is away and with Grace you can do anything.:)

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

these are awesome!!! Love the colors!!! and I had to laugh at Will with that hat LOL he is so adorable...he always has that little look on his it LOL

Casey said...

It looks nice and crisp up there!! We need some of that down south. 75 degrees tomorrow... and while I make fun of my mom and dad for cold weather, I secretely MISS the cold. They look like they had a blast!!

Sharon said...

Just stunning photography Gail!! Breathtaking. And the colors and the beautiful kiddos too, and you are very right, so much!! And I am very grateful for my longterm blog buddies and all we have been through together!! Getting to know each other and support these years through these amazing times, really priceless. Much love, sharon
Happy Thanksgivng

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