Tuesday, November 16, 2010

black and white Wednesday - and she dances

ballet frame 1

"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another."


ballet frame 2

"Dance as though no one is watching you, love as though you have never hurt before,
sing as though no one can hear you, and live as though heaven is on earth."

~  unknown

ballet frame 3

A few months ago, 8 year old Grace asked me if she could take a dance class.
She had been swimming for over 3 years and we'd just decided to take a break.
I was a little surprised about her request with dance because we'd tried it before.

ballet frame 4

About 4 years ago she tried her first dance class,
 and enthusiastically went the first time.
It did not go well as she cried when I left the room and when I came right back,
 sat on my lap and watched the other girls.
We went a second time and again she couldn't leave my lap. She refused to go back.

And that was okay because trying new things and transitions were very hard for Grace at that time.
She was only 4.

ballet frame 5
In September, she chose 2 classes to try. A jazz/tap combo and ballet.
The day we enrolled her, on the way home in the car she nervously told me she wasn't sure if she could take the classes.
I left the subject alone.

Time went by, we bought the new dance wear and shoes. She didn't say much.
The first day of class she smiled and confidently walked into the studio, she didn't even look back.
I'll admit I had tears in my eyes.
I'm so proud of this little girl.

By the way she loves BOTH classes and will perform for the first time in front of an audience in December.
I think she's growing up.

ballet frame 6 grace

The vintage frames and black and white Truffle action are by Florabella.

the long road

28 kind words:

Colleen said...

What a beautiful dancer she is!! Looks like she is really enjoying herself!!!

Mom2Isabel said...

Truly lovely. I love the processing and the frames. I feel like I am looking into an album from the turn of the (last) century.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! I love your little dancer. She is positively perfect. Wishing you many more years of happy dancing moments.

Kayce said...

I love that she gave it another try and even gave her beautiful smile to boot! I can't wait to hear more over the weeks to come of how she's enjoying it and how the performance is!

Wanda said...

Yes, Grace is growing up (and beautifully too). We had a similar story with Dahlia and she overcame her fear and has been taking ballet for several years now - it's so good for them. Grace has a perfect body type for dance too. I know you'll be so proud of (and she of herself) at that Dec concert.

I'm wild about these shots Gail and the processing and framing. They are truly wonderful.

Have a great Wednesday!!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

They dances gracefull i can tell by just looking at your photos. You have such sweet girl.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos... I really love your frames on them.

Love Letters To China said...

Love these Gail (as if I wouldn't love just about anything you post!). I have to admit they bring a pang of sadness when I see your Grace in her ballet clothes. It really saddened me when my girl decided to not continue with that type of dance and only do acrobatics. I'm hoping she will change her mind in time and go back to it.

I resisted buying those frames from Florabella thinking I wouldn't need them. And of course Truffle is in the only set I haven't purchased of her actions. Well now you have me thinking otherwise. Darn you!!! Might have to be my xmas gift to myself this year. :-)


Erika B said...

She is a beautiful dancer! Glad she decided to try again. Our youngest wouldn't leave my lap either at the beginning of the year when we tried gymnastics. But this autumn she said she wanted to try dancing like her big sister and she has loved it from the start. I'm so proud of how she wanted to move forward. She is only 4 years old.

Erika B

redmaryjanes said...

She is lovely. I think dance class is wonderful. I love to go and watch Sophia.

Melanie said...

Love these! I took ballet classes for many years. I wasn't so good at it when it started to get difficult but I loved it! I still love it =)
Last picture is beautiful=)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...


she is lovely.

These pictures are stunning. Simply stunning.


Laurie said...

Enjoyed the story behind the pictures. It made the pictures even more beautiful!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Beautiful pictures of an even more beautiful subject. When I look into that face, no matter the picture, all I can see is contentment. She is the face of pure and utter contentment. What a wonderful mama you are!

Love you

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

What beautiful pictures of an even more beautiful subject. She looks so HAPPY!!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Your blog is gorgeous! Love the title too! :-)

Your children breathtaking!

The photos and story just made me cry tears of joy. Just look at her face in the shots - WOW! Precious and priceless!

Have a blessed day enjoying your sweet grace!


Pix-Ology said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful story! They are gorgeous! My littel girl just got into dance as well and I can't wait to start snapping some pics of that!

Kim said...

You know how I feel about Grace.. she is what keeps me going..
Love you my friend..
If I would have not found you on this amazing journey I am not sure if my attitude would be the same..
Thank you for sharing your amazing family with us..

Karen said...

Grace- how befitting a name for such a lovely dancer~and these photos- just beautiful!

@nemonen said...

Isn´t she cute? She will certainly become a prima ballerina.
She seems to like it very much.

Hannah said...

What a beauty. There is just something so graceful and delicate about her features. I just love it.

Stunning pictures.

Sharon Ankerich said...

A beautiful dancer she is... so glad to know it will be ok for the girls to wait for dance~ don't have to start so young. Love all the photos and frames!!!
Joy to you!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

She is so slender and gorgeous!! What a perfect dancer..Taya was the exact same way her first time and didn't want to go back but when Kya decided to try it she gave it a second try and loved it. Grace is getting so mature looking...scary huh!

justine said...

what lovely graceful shots

Cindy said...

stunning pictures, beautiful form along with a beautiful little girl. love the framses:)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

These are BEAUTIFUL Gail! I love seeing the joy on Grace's face as she is taking class! So happy to hear that she is loving it this year!

Hope you have a great day~



Terri said...

I tell ya... Grace is breath taking, She has this special look to her that I cant explain. She's simply beautiful!!!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Love these!!!! Will she be having a recital in June? Addison's is June and she is already talking about the flowers LOL remember the flowers last year LOL that's a girl for you!!! It's so fun to watch them dance isn't it after raising boys. We need a little girly in our lives LOL

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