Tuesday, November 30, 2010

black and white Wednesday - wonder

color Grace lights web WM-2

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

~Norman Vincent Peale

blw Grace lights web WM
I love Christmas.

And I feel incredibly privileged to be able to experience it through my children's eyes.
I become ages 8 and 5 again in a way.

Monday evening we started decorating indoors.
The sparkly snow house is a new decoration this year.
I captured this of Grace (after her bath), when she came downstairs and saw it for the first time.
We have one tree up and will be going to the tree farm on the weekend for a real one.
I've never had a Christmas without one.

Hope you are starting to enjoy the magic of this beautiful season!

the long road

Both images post processed with 2 of my favorite Florabella actions.
 Ambrosia (color) is wonderful for Asian skin tones and really makes the reds pop in the image.
And Black and White Truffle, just because I plain old love it.

25 kind words:

Wanda said...

Stunning picture Gail. It just evokes such a nostalgic feeling. Of being a kid again and full of wonder.

Your little house looks very much like mine in my Christmas village. I just love them.

Happy tree hunting and all the Christmas preps!

Kayce said...

Breathtaking picture Gail! I know what you mean about becoming your child's age again...Chirstmas is full of magic! Enjoy those feelings of excitement over the next 25 days!!!!!!!!

Love Letters To China said...

What a beautiful picture of Grace. I love to see the wonderment in the kids eyes when they first see something new. We still haven't taken down any of our xmas decorations. My hubby needs to go up into the attic this week. We were suppose to do it last weekend, but my MIL has been in town and the time just slipped away.

I hope to have our house finished on Friday so we can start to feel a little bit of the holiday spirit.

Hope you're keeping warm. We're expecting a little cold front to pass through tomorrow. Can't wait to wear pants and a light jacket. We've really had such a warm winter so far.

Happy Wednesday!!!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Such a lovely post! Beautiful shots :-)


Denise said...

This is a wonderful capture Gail! I haven't been up to decorating yet, but we hopefully will get to it this weekend. Thanks for the reminder to see everything through a child's eyes~

Pix-Ology said...

This is an amazing picture! I absolutely love the feel of it. I want to go home right now and decorate!

Life with Kaishon said...

I know just what you mean. Seeing Christmas through their eyes is the most wonderful thing! I love that!

DiJo said...

SO beautiful!!


Marla said...

So pretty Gail!! Love the new snow house!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...



jessica2chin said...

You have a gift Gail, you see the picture, and you capture the moment.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This is SO MAGICAL Gail! BEAUITFUL! It is like looking at Christmas through the eyes of a child:)



Dita said...

love it.....I know you and Christmas and I can't WAIT to see all the awesome decorations!!

anemonen said...

I love this post!!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

This is gorgeous as always!!! I love the process...so beautiful!!!!!!! Truly magical...this should be on a hallmark card...or a Gailmark card (ok that was cornball like, what ever).

Missy said...

Beautiful pics and girl!!! :)

JinXiu said...

what a shot. it should be in a magazine.

there is such wonder in her eyes

Courtney said...

This photo is stunning. Grace is such a beautiful model.

Robin said...

You captured the Christmas feeling just perfect ... through the eyes of a child ... just doesn't get any sweeter!!

I love your new blog look. I'm may need some pointers from you!

Have fun hunting for your perfect tree!!

xoxo Robin

Casey said...

Once again, Friend, you blow me away. Love this photo.

Terri said...

Gorgeous! That should be on a Hallmark card!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Gorgeous!! I love the light bokeh in the background too but who wants to look past that beautiful face!

Sharon Ankerich said...

A beautiful soft image of your beautiful Grace~ the house is gorgeous too! Hope you find the perfect tree!!!

ashley said...

so lovely.... Grace looks beautiful. I wish you could have heard Lily, she was sitting in my lap when I clicked on your blog. " ooooohhhhh" she said, pointing at the screen!
Yes, this is a magical time of year!

likeschocolate said...

Truely and amazing photo! Good job!

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