Monday, March 30, 2009

William's world {part 2}

These 3 were taken about 10 days ago on a warm day.

  • Will is truly loving the warmer weather and being able to play outside now.
  • Has been extremely lovey lately and giving all of us many kisses!
  • He has a new 'Batman' backpack and puts little toys in it, puts the backpack on and tells me he's Daddy going to work....(so cute!)
  • Can be quite literal and I remember that well about this age of 3. I tell William he's 'very handsome.' He replies, "I not handsome...I William Michael." I explain what the word 'handsome' means and he still says the same thing.
  • Loves 'Knock-Knock' jokes. Only his knock- knock jokes consist of 1 it is...Will says "Knock-knock!" I say, "Who's there?" Will replies, "William Michael." I say..."William Michael who?" He replies..."William Michael-William Michael!" and then laughs hysterically. This goes on maybe 10 times a day. And everytime he tells the joke, we laugh just as hard along with him. ;)

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Will is toooo cute..
LOVE the photos..
Sounds like he is doing sooo well.
Have a great day..

Jessica said...

Glad he is doing well! I love the vibrant colors in these pictures. Do you mind if I ask what camera you are using? Lens?

Have a great day!

The Morris Family said...

Such a smart and funny little guy, and handsome too- goodness! How in the world do you get him to look at the camera?! Maggie seems to take delight looking away from the lens these days! She is also a lover of knock knock jokes- and yep, the same two...over and over...still make me giggle every time.

Marla said...

Hahaha, love the knock-knock joke, how cute is that?!?! Love the pics, he is very handsome!

Margaret M said...

I love the knock knock joke. Graeme's speech is still so unintelligible. I think I understand him best but it is still hard! margaret

Michelle said...

Oh, just gotta love young kids' knock-knock jokes. They make no sense but are beyond hilarious to them. Each. and. every. time!!!

Great pics of your adorable little bundle of energy!

Delwyn said...

Hello Gail,
you are very lucky to have blogging as a medium for memory keeping.
Do you make hard copies of your posts for the kids to have later?

A requirement of our adoption was to make a life story book. I enjoyed the task and made more than one form of book and found that my daughter would spend a lot of time pouring over the images and story.
Even now she gets them out. Her boyfriend got the run through recently.

I also gave a copy of her life story to the agency in Seoul and when we visited in 2006 they pulled out a very dwell worn dilapidated book, then 16 years old, that had been used to demonstrate to prospective adoptive parents, particularly Korean in country adoptions, the potential of adoption and the loving family that can result..

It was a touching result of my efforts so long before.

Dita said...


Oh, I just LOVE his joke! Sounds like Will is rounding the corner of his own Spring of sorts with all the love and attention, identifying with Daddy and work, and being very secure in exactly who he is!

Jboo said...

Oh wow -- he is such a cutie!! Love that knock knock joke of his! You really captured his joy in those photos!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

He is just precious!!!

Sarah is into backpacks too....hers is a pink butterfly and if we are getting ready to leave, she says....wait, I need my backpack!!! We all laugh, because it just sounds so funny.

Hope you all have a good week and get some warm the snow still on the ground?


Colleen said...

LOL Love the knock knock joke. Kids are so funny!!!
The pictures are wonderful!!!!
My son Kenny was so in to batman and he still is (at 21) LOL

Steffie B. said...

Oh my word Gail....he is so the last is Daniels knock knock joke....
Knock, knock
who's there
boo who
don't cry it's just a joke.

They would get along great......

Sharon said...

He is just beautiful in spirit,heart and looks!!!!

Lori said...

Oh yes, those infinite knock-knock jokes....we heard a few at dinner tonight! lol
William is so handsome!!

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