Friday, March 13, 2009

A brief glimpse of Spring

Grace just hangin' out.

Playing 'follow the leader.' He follows Grace pretty much everywhere.

Grace on a bridge that's in a park in our town.

Exactly a week ago today Spring arrived very briefly and it got up into the 60's. I let Grace and Will go without jackets which they loved and we went to 2 different parks last Friday afternoon to play. Winter is back this week, it's snowed once and has been very cold....such is the nature of Wisconsin. I know Spring will be back...hoping sooner than later.
This week Grace is the 'Star Student' for her class and today she dressed in one of her pretty red traditional Chinese dresses and wore it to school. I'm going in to speak to her Kindergarten class about Grace's birth country of China and a little bit about adoption...she is very excited.
This weekend will be another busy one for us with our regular activities plus these 2 will be getting their pictures taken by a professional photographer and also be going to another friend's birthday party. Have a great one!

19 kind words:

OH MY #6 said...


Can't wait to hear how your speaking gig goes! Hopefully you will have pictures.


Jboo said...

Great photos! We are so anxious for spring to get here and stick around longer than one day! Sounds like you have a busy weekend -- can't wait to see the photos! Have a good one!


Missy said...

I love these pictures of the kids...sooo sweet! Congrats to Grace on being star student. I'll be anxious to hear how your presentation goes...soo special!

Now why are you going out and getting these babies pics taken professionally, when you are a professional yourself? Girl, your pics rock!!!

redmaryjanes said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned. I'm excited to see the photos!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Last weekend was such a tease, wasn't it!! We have had the same weather here...cold and ugly.

The kids looked like they were having a blast outside......smiling and cute as can be!!

Have a wondeful weekend...can't wait to see the new photos...I am sure they will be gorgeous:)


Ashley said...

Hi Gail...glad you all got to enjoy a little taste of spring. Don't worry, it will be back to stay before you know it!
:) Ashley

Super Mommy said...

Perspective! It's been in the 60s and 50s here and we are breaking out the coats!! LOL

Glad you were able to enjoy some "spring-like" weather with your two treasures -the pictures are precious as always!

I'm sure you have something fun and creative to share with the Kindy class!

Kayce said...

Yes spring is starting to come out in small amounts! Yeah! Have a great weekend too!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos..
looks like they are having fun in the nice weather..
Sounds like you will be busy..
Grace is going to have fun..
Can't wait to see photos..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Can't wait to hear about your speaking gig! And I loved seeing the spring photos... I may just have to try that hairstyle on the Tongginator, too.

Margaret M said...

Gorgeous pics. the one of Will following Grace looks very familiar to me!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the wall photo. Beautiful textures and the kids look like flowers in bloom

Shawnstribe said...

beautiful photos!!!I can't waitforspring to fully come our way, when i believe its come....well...i supose this is England ; )

Steffie B. said...

they are so cute.....I love the second can tell he wants to be like his sister. ;)

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

GREAT picture of Grace on the bridge!! Seriously, though, why do you need a professional photographer? You can do it just as well!!

RamblingMother said...

That school visit will be such a fun day. Love the pics of the kids and Will's update too.

Angie said...

Great pictures of Grace and Will!
We had a little spring here last week as well....wasn't it wonderful?! However, I now have one child with poison ivy because he enjoyed it so much! :)

Lori said...

LOVE the last picture of Grace on the bridge, what a great shot!

Paula said...

Your pics are amazing. I love the last one of Grace on the bridge and the one of the purple flower is really nice too. Looks like the kids are really having fun together now.

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