Saturday, October 18, 2008

3 months

3 months ago tomorrow in Fuzhou City in Fujian Province, China we met William Michael for the first time. You can look here and read about that day. I didn't go into all the gory details when I wrote about his placement because it wasn't 'pretty' or calm or uneventful. It was traumatic and he was one sad, angry and scared little boy. William had every reason to feel that way after he left the only family he'd ever known for most of his 2.5 years. His foster family loved him deeply and William loved them just as much. It was quite evident by how hard he grieved. We have come very far in 3 months and I have to say the gains have been hard fought for. As I write this, Grace and William are happily playing and laughing in the living room. There were many days that I didn't think I'd see that. We still have great highs and some lows(but not nearly so many of them). William knows the love of a forever family with a mommy and daddy, a big sister and big brother. We are not perfect parents, we make mistakes and learn from them, but we are patient people and keep on trying always. If you can't already tell from the pictures of him on my blog, William is quite precocious, full of energy and mischief, and can light up a room with his smile and infectious laugh. He is a 'character' and is such a part of our family now. We are very blessed to be his parents.

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Story of our Life said...

I have to add.....

He is precious.
He is sweet.
He is adorable.


His name is NOT William Michael...


:) HUGS to you my dear!! He looked so much more 'grown up' this week than he did 6 weeks ago.

You looked great, too!!

missy said...

His transformation has been so remarkable. It reminds me of Paige as she fought her way to feel at home in our new family.

Will couldn't be more blessed by having you all as his family.

Happy 3 months, sweet boy!

The Morris Family said...

...Happy 3 Months-(time does, indeed "fly"!) The changes and progress come shining through in the this one!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Gosh, has it already been 3 months..oh my goodness!!

Your son has great inner strength and courage. The human spirit is amazing and of course you and your husband are as well. Here is to more progress over the next three months such as you have seen thus far.

Your sis from another mother now to be known as (SFAM:)

insanemommy said...

I love it that you are able to admit that you're not perfect. I think sometimes we want to believe we have all the answers, but the truth is not only don't we have the answers we're often scared to death wondering if we're doing the right thing. And just waiting for someone to judge us on our parenting abilitis. It's hard as hell and no amount of research ever prepares you. For the record you're doing an awesome job. Keep the faith pretty lady. You have your beautiful family. Rony

Kerry said...

Gosh, it has been three months already. It seems just yesterday you were coming home.

Gail- I love your thoughtful honesty. Adding a child to a family is never easy and then when that child has lived for 2.5 years-it must be a stressful transition for all. Your family's patience and love is evident.
So remarkable to be able to say that the hard days are fewer and the happy days greater.
An ahhhhh moment!

3 Peanuts said...

That must have been SO hard for him. And for you to see him grieve too. My daughter was also in a very loving foster family (only 10 months though) and she DID grieve (at night mostly). I think a little bit of them will always remember that. I am glad that Will is making such great progress.

Steffie B. said...

Beautiful tears were flowing! ;)

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