Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a day!

What a handsome boy.

Goin' swimming.

Cool dude.

Let's see it started off with our visas arriving per UPS right about 10 AM. Grace and I were doing the happy dance about that. Now our TA just needs to arrive, but hey we can get into China now, Whoo hoo! Then I notice that babies are arriving which is just wonderful of course. Congrats to all the new moms and dads. Referral day is amazing and so happy. Lastly....I received updated photos of William today. The last photos I had of him were dated over a year ago and I had hoped that we'd get to see something more recent and we hit the jackpot! Here are 3 of him taken just a month ago, in May of 2008. He is one handsome dude is all I can say. He looks great, he looks happy, healthy and well taken care of and loved. When I saw the photos for the first time this afternoon it set me off in a series of crying jags...happy crying. Now I just want to go to China. Without further delay, let me upload these photos of our beautiful little boy William. I can't wait to hold him in my arms. :)

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Brandi said...

Handsome boy is right! Just look at him!

Your love for him already shows in the way you talk about him. He's going to be so loved.

Can't wait to hear TA has arrived.

Steffie B. said...

Oh Gail.....he is just precious...he does look happy and well cared for.....I will pray that your TA arrives soon.....bring that boy home! ;)


Christine said...

Wow, he does look like he has been having fun with his foster family! Glad you are one step closer.

amy said...

just wonderful

Ashley said...

Oh Gail, he is so darling!! My heart skipped a beat when I clicked on your blog. He looks so happy and healthy. I know you are over the moon in love!

I'm thinking speedy TA thoughts for you. Soon, you'll have your baby boy in your arms! I'm so happy for you and your family.
hugs, Ashley

Angie said...

Oh Gail! He is precious! I love the one with the sunglasses...too cute!
Come on TA!!! I, too, can't wait for you to hold him in your arms. It won't be long now!

suzanne said...

Oh Gail what beautiful pictures. He is simply georgeous.

He has ears just like my husband and his brothers! Its a Chinese thing!

Thanks for you kind words about Isabella.

Wishing you a speedy TA and all a safe journey to China.

cougchick said...

Oh my goodness! Lots of changes since I last popped in to your blog. Congrats to you and your family on your new son. That is super!
I'll try and stay a little more caught up. What great news!!!!

OH MY #6 said...

He is beautiful. Bet you can't wait to get your hands on him!

Come on TA!


The Morris Family said...

Oh my Gail! William looks sooo happy and well cared for...it is not going to be long before he is in your loving arms...keeping you all in thought and prayer during this very exciting time.


OH MY #6 said...


I can't stop coming to your BLOG to look at that little cutie!


Jeff and Amy said...

Oh my goodnes, he is such a handsome little guy, hoping for a speedy and safe travel.

Denise C said...

OH what a little doll!!! I cannot wait to see him in your arms!!! Praying for speedy travel and a forever family united!!!
Love you sweet friend,

suzanne said...

Gail I you might appreciate the pictures of the Wong boys! I am glad it made you smile:)

Hope your TA arrives soon!

redmaryjanes said...

He is very very handsome. I am so happy for you!

MaryD said...


Congratulations on your referral. William is a beautiful bou. Emma and Ping loved the picture of him in his bathing suit. They have been asking for a brother and even more so after seeing William's picture. You are in our prayers. Hope you will travel soon.

Ping also loved the pictures of her Fu sisters. She said they looked silly. A compliment at age 5.

The Downings

Ping also

Paula said...

I'm so happy for you that you got the photos. He is darling. I'm so excited for you to travel soon!

Gail said...

He is so very handsome!
And I think he looks like his sister!
Reading your post brought tears.
Praying for TA.
William needs to join his family.

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