Friday, June 6, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday....Jiangxi girls!

Almost 3 weeks ago we went to the Chicago area (Downer's Grove) for a brunch with Grace's travel group. Many of the families were able to attend ( I believe there were 4 missing), there will be another get together later in June where all the families will be there. We had a great time, lots of good food, catching up with friends and lots of giggling and 5 yr. old fun with the girls and their siblings. I know that I post a lot about this group of families, they are such an important part of our lives and will always be I hope. The weekend is almost here and I'm more than ready for it. It's been a long, busy week with so much going on. I'm ready to relax and I imagine everyone else is too! Come on weekend! :)

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OH MY #6 said...

Have a good one.


redmaryjanes said...

I think it is wonderful that you all keep in touch and unite your girls whenever you can. It is very binding and gives them a real life piece of their past.

Paula said...

I think that is so awesome. Its fun for the adults to get together and so special for the kids. I bet these are freinds you will have always.

Steffie B. said...

OMW.....LOOK AT THEM!!!! They are darling...what a fun day you must have had! ;)

Have a great weekend! ;)

Kerry said...

Oh Gail- you were in my neighborhood! I was looking to see if I recognized any of the girls from our large West Suburban Playgroup! So great to keep these relationships- for both the kids and the parents.

Adorable photos

Denise C said...

Precious precious girls!!! What a wonderful weekend with the sweetest of friends!

Christine said...

Oh these girls are adorable! That is such a great thing you have going.
PS - A belated congratulations on your new son!!!!

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