Friday, May 23, 2008

Crazy busy days

The past 2 days have been crazy busy, but in a good way. Yesterday at 8:45am I got home from taking Grace to school and saw there was a phone message, checked the caller ID and saw it was our SW. I remember thinking that she has never called at 8:30 in the morning before and then got nervous that maybe she had some news. Her message was, "You've been approved by CCAA to adopt your little guy. Call me later and we can talk about what happens next." I start crying immediately, got Dan on the phone at work. I said, " Dan, we have a son!" More crying on my part. I've cried happy tears on and off now for 2 days. Yesterday was a busy day of calling my parents and siblings with the news and Dan calling his Mother. Our families are delighted and surprised in a way with the boy news. We hadn't told them that we had applied for little Will, we wanted to wait until we had something real to tell them all. We've had heartfelt, wonderful emails and comments on the blog. They mean so much to us. We have slowly told Grace over the last week that she might be getting a brother instead of a sister. Yesterday when we got the news about Will, I waited until the afternoon and had her sit on my lap and showed her his pictures. I said, "Grace, this is your little brother. His name is Will." Grace responds in a very proud and happy way, "He looks just like me Mom." I said, "Well, yes he does. What did you think he'd look like?" Grace said, "I thought he'd look like you Mom." I have to say I was a bit surprised by that one. It was such a cute response. I told her that, "No he was born in China like you were." She then went on to tell me all the toys he could and couldn't play with of hers. She was also concerned about "his germs touching her stuff." I know there will be many changes for Grace in the upcoming months. She will become a big sister. I think she'll be a great one too. Grace will travel to China with us and that may help her to understand a bit better this place called China where she was born and we speak of so much. I'm looking forward to the positive changes our son will bring to our family. What a joyful and emotional week. We thank God for the blessing of William Michael and can't wait to bring him home. :)

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Story of our Life said...

I am so excited for you.

What a cute response from Grace. I love it. Shows her sweet, sweet innocence.

I showed James Will's picture tonight. He doesn't understand the process I guess and says "WOW...she has a picture already". I shared some other info with him and he was geniunely excited for you. He even went threw the entire page of your blog and looked at all your pictures. LOL...a first for him. :)

Your weeks ahead will be crazy busy I'm sure.

Talk to you later!! Have a great weekend.

OH MY #6 said...

that is just a lovely story. I have chills.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Ashley said...

Grace is going to be such a wonderful big sister for little Will! You are going to have such an amazing trip to China. My heart is overflowing with love and joy for you and your family. Peace and blessings to you as you get ready to bring your son home.

Denise C said...

OH Gail....what a sweet post! Miss Grace will be such a precious big sissy! Little Will is going to have the best big sissy ever! Not to mention fabulous parents! He (and Grace of course)...will be the absolute joys of your heart I can tell!!! Your family is so precious and loving ....I cannot wait to follow along on your trip to China! DO you have any idea as to travel dates yet??? exciting... my heart is overflowing with emotion for you!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Your son is just darling! He will bring you so much joy and Grace will be a wonderful big sister. Don't tell her, but he will have a lot of germs...boys are a very different and special being!! Eli always has a rock in his pocket, dirt on his knees and a smile on his face.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Gail, I am so happy for you and your sweet, handsome son. What a precious big sister he has too...
God's speed,

Mark & Terri said...

What an exciting time! It sounds like Grace is going to be a great big sister. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

LaLa said...

Huge congrats!!! He is so handsome : )

Paula said...

I love the way you told her about Will. Its funny the things that kids think. She will be so happy to have a brother and that is neat that she will get to go back to China again.

Rony said...

Gail, I too cried for you. As sick as I was today (could barely lift my head) this made me not only bawl but smile from ear to ear. I hope you know I am so very happy for you! You are truly a star. You greatest preformance is yet to come. I have always admired your strength.

Hugs and much love.


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