Sunday, January 20, 2008


A resolution is defined as, " a course of action determined or decided on." I don't make too many resolutions at the start of each new year. But this year I've made 3 that I believe I can stick to.

1. Complete Lily's 100 good wishes quilt. I've collected almost 100 fabric squares and wishes, so we are very close, I need to email or call a few family members and friends to ask if they'd like to contribute to the quilt. I will definitely post a pic of it when it's finished. Even though a referral for Lily is most likely a long way away, I feel like completing the quilt brings me closer to her.

2. Do a Lifebook for Grace. This has been a goal of mine forever and I'm going to do this! I have many good ideas for it, text wise. Grace is 5 and she's at the age where she would benefit so much with a book about her "own story." Grace is quite familar with her adoption story, but I think it's important for her to have a Lifebook.

3.Exercise. I have a really nice treadmill in the basement collecting dust. I used it faithfully for few years, but now it's a dust collector. For a while Grace even displayed some of her stuffed animals arranged quite neatly on it. If I resolve to walk on that treadmill 3 times a week, I think that's reasonable as far as keeping that commitment. I saw the photo at the top of this post and it made me laugh because there's a lot of truth in it.

Well those are my 2008 resolutions, I don't make crazy, unrealistic ones anymore. :)

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