Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Grace with her hair braided. :)

The 3 of us having dinner in Playa del Carmen.

Main pyramid at Chichen Itza.

Gracie and me the last day of our trip.

Western Caribbean on the Mayan Riviera.

Hola! My Spanish is pretty limited I have to say, we celebrated the New Year in Mexico for a week after the Christmas holiday. This was my first trip to Mexico and I have fallen in love with another country and culture. Dan, Gracie and myself stayed about an hour south of Cancun in the town of Playa del Carmen, in a resort on the western Caribbean...the entire area is called the "Mayan Riviera." We relaxed by the ocean, swam, had margaritas (yum), Grace found many shells, did some shopping one day at the local market (brought back some silver jewelry for gifts), ate a lot of good food, relaxed some more, took a day trip to Chichen Itza (site of extensive Mayan ruins), went to a fun New Year's eve party at the resort and met many, many warm, friendly people from Europe, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico of course. Grace was quite the little traveler and charmed most everyone she met. It was a bit surreal arriving back to Wisconsin to the snow and cold, but it is great to be home! Here are a few photos, I will post some more maybe tonight or tomorrow. :)

7 kind words:

Brandi said...

Hi Gail! We missed you!

Glad you had a great trip. Sure looks like a place I'd like to visit someday!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics.

Angie said...

Gail, I was worried about you and then to find out you were Mexico!! How fun! It looks heavenly and like you all had a great time!
Glad to have you back!

Ashley said...

Loved the photos...keep them coming! Grace looks so cute with her hair braided. Was the beach as awesome as it looks? We love Mexico, too. Yeah for you guys....what a great way to ring in the New Year.

You were missed!

Mob said...

How fun. I can't tell you how good that beach looks to me right now since all I can see is tons of snow. What a beautiful place.

Story of our Life said...

Welcome home to the cloudy, rainy, snow state we live in.
Love the pics!! :)

crazylady said...

Hmmm caught you snooping around with me... busted
Mehicko is the best RNR vacay around
Totally jealous. You look awesome.
Tan lines?

Kim & Jeff said...

Looks like you all had a great time!!! Nice to get away from the snow and cold!!! Welcome back!!!

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